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Published on March 5th, 2013 | by Kyle Wolfe


Tax Tips for Hoosiers – Part 2

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Tax Tips for Hoosiers – Part 2

INDIANAPOLIS –This is the second of several news releases that will provide important, need-to-know tax tips to Indiana taxpayers.

With the tax season underway, many taxpayers are filing electronically this year using INfreefile, if they qualify, or using certified vendors. Last year, nearly three-quarters of Indiana filers used some type of electronic filing. Of those returns filed, 99 percent were accurate, meaning that they were error free! Error free results in faster refunds.

But there are still taxpayers who file on paper, and nearly 20 percent of paper-filed returns are inaccurate or have mistakes.

Here are the top three filing errors on paper returns:

  • Forgotten attachments. If you forget that W-2, or a Schedule 2 to support a renter’s deduction or a homeowner’s property tax deduction claim, we’ll have to send a letter requesting that information.
  • Claiming more deductions and credits than entitled. For example, $3,000 is the most you can claim as a renter’s deduction; claiming more than that will cause your return to be put on hold and reviewed, which will result in a delayed refund or a bill.
  • Math errors. Even with a calculator, it’s easy to miss a step, to add where we should have subtracted or to transpose some numbers when writing them down.

The Indiana Department of Revenue accepts paper filing as a method of filing your taxes. You can check your local library for forms and booklets, pick up a booklet or forms at one of our District Offices (find them at, or access all of our forms and booklets online at

For more information about this year’s tax season, please visit

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