Education Reform, or More?

This video is well worth eleven minutes of your time, and you may want to watch it several times and share with others. We suspect this paradigm shift is taking place beyond classroom walls as many segments of our world are experiencing rapid changes.

As the video points out early, the problem is we are telling the kids the old story of “If you work hard, do well, and get a college degree, you will have a job – our kids don’t believe that!”

Are we using old theories and models to solve tomorrow’s problems?

It’s very possible that this alienation of our youth has created the Occupy Wall Street Movement across the globe. As a society, we sold the “American Dream”, and our young members of society realize it’s a hoax created giant marketing and advertising firms to drive consumers to buy more goods.

Look what is taking center stage in Hong Kong, China.

Enjoy the video:



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Todd Smekens

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