Munsee Has Seen Its Better Days…But!

Muncie has seen its better days, anyone can tell you that.  We are in a transition period that critics and experts might say is a do or die type scenario.  I would like to think that it is best to consider your situation as do or die at all times, because the truth of the matter is, we never really know.  We have all heard the saying, “Live your life-like today could be your last day” or my personal favorite, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, and today is a gift and that’s why they call it the present!”  This type of thinking can lead to good self motivation and distract apathy and complacency in our community.

Today we are faced with high rates of unemployment, low community health and wellness and countless other issues of crime, so-called “blight”, abuse and neglect.  Ever community faces such situations and history tells a similar story.  Struggle and change are not unfamiliar territory to Hoosiers and fellow Munsonians, and we are tough people, families and workers.  We have the skills, creativity and energy to place Muncie back on the map as one of the most vital small rust-belt college towns in the midwest.

Sure our morale is down and most days may seem gloomy around here, but I beg us to consider our potential as a collective force beyond the negativity and grudges.  There are problems that we are faced with that a “small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change”.

When you look at the uphill battle Muncie is facing with it is easy to get discouraged, but I assure you, you have a role in this struggle.  Your skills may be limited or specific, or frankly you may think you don’t have any skills to offer, and that’s not true.  How hard do you think it is to walk the river bank and pick up litter, or come out to a Downtown clean-up on the third Saturday of the month, or to help grow food in a community garden that can go to a hungry family in one of our beautiful historic downtown neighborhoods?

Beyond volunteering, change your mentality about who support in this community with your dollar.  Buy all your needs from a local business owner first.  Shopping locally is one of the best ways to support the core of your community and it circulates more local money in the community that gets invested back in your own city or town.  How do you think our community survived a hundred years ago?  They relied on the skills and services that each other could offer.

Support local organizations and non-profits with volunteerism or donations.  Your hours and money can go a long way to an organization serving a need in our community.  Also, support the wonderful opportunities our community does offer such as our growing Park system, the Cardinal Greenway, Cornerstone Center for the Arts, Muncie Civic Theatre, Prairie Creek Reservoir, Red-tail Land Conservancy Nature Preserves, the Buley and Ross Centers, the Muncie Public Library and the list goes on and on.

There are opportunities for everyone to get involved and one such opportunity will be on Thursday, January 19th at 6:30pm in the historic Patterson Building ballroom on the corner of Main Street and Walnut Street.  Muncie Delaware Clean and Beautiful will be hosting it’s annual meeting and updating the community on the progress our organization has made in the past year.  We invite the public to come and enjoy some appetizers and refreshments, learn about our organization and consider becoming a member and participating in our mission.  We will be giving away nice prizes throughout the night such as a brand new bike from Kirk’s Bike Shop, so you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss this event.    Bring a friend, family member or neighbor.  This is a family friendly event as well, so feel free to bring your children if you’d like.

See you there!

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