Fracking Republican Party in Muncie

Don’t look now, but there is a tea party coup on our hands in Muncie. Okay, it might not be a group of patriots from the far right-wing tea party, but there is some fracking going on within the republican party. Or, is fracking a freudian slip?

Either way you look at it, the republican party has their own dissident faction looking to stir up leadership within the party. Apparently, once the republican chair Will Statom told the local group of citizen advocates that they were no longer getting help from the republican party, relationships fell apart.

Maybe they are just sore from the all out shellacking they took in the municipal races last year and are trying to reinvent some energy into the seemingly lifeless party.

I must admit, when the republican chairman told to the columnists Walker and Roysdon from The StarPress, that the former mayor of Muncie lacked the “experience, leadership, and people-skills” to lead the party, I had to chuckle. Ouch, Will. That’s about as close as you can get to “taking off the white-glove ever so slowly and slapping it against the opponents face!”

Sharon McShurley was in charge of the City of Muncie for four years and traveled the world to meet exotic dignitaries from China, Japan, and Europe. She was hand-picked by Governor Mitch Daniels himself for a trip to China, and I’m sure he can spot someone with significant leadership qualities.

As is typical with the W/R report however, they always leave you wondering why they didn’t ask the obvious question, “Why did the party endorse Sharon running for another term if she lacked the skills?”

I guess we’ll never know, or will we…something tells me there is more to this coup than meets the eye!

By the way, who is this Chris Hiatt character? He’s been spending most of his time battling the mainstream democrat party, and now he’s fighting the mainstream republican party. A rebel for sure. What does he have against the mainstream? It’s like watching a modern-day James Dean movie – Rebel Without a Party.

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Todd Smekens

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