Gannett’s Reporters Auditioning for Drama Queens!

In a very brief report written by the dynamic duo of Doug Walker and Keith Roysdon in the Gannett owned The StarPress, they expressed that local community leaders were “scratching their heads” or found the report “dumbfounding” or were “pulling their hair” over the cost of a Indianapolis consultant report completed by Crowe Horwath.

Muncie Voice obtained a copy of the report to see why Mr. Walker and Roysdon wrote with such dramatic expressions. The Crowe Horwarth Executive Summary is attached so the public can reach their own conclusion whether the findings and recommendation were worth the money.

After a lengthy interview process of several county departments, Crowe Horwath submitted a “Summary of Observations” for officials to peruse ahead of their February 28th presentation.

The name itself indicates that it’s a summary, so it would not be lengthy by nature of its name!

Why does Mr. Walker and Roysdon feel the need to present the matter in such dramatic fashion? Maybe they are both auditioning for an upcoming play at the Muncie Civic Theatre, or have been taking adult drama classes from Cornerstone Center for the Arts. Perhaps we should refer to them as our two “drama queens”.

There is no reason to dramatize the process of inquiring into serious financial flaws within our revenue collection cycle. I wonder if the two remember how thousands of dollars disappeared from the treasurers safe several years back without a clue about its disappearance!

It only took a couple of minutes of review by Muncie Voice staff members to conclude that there is a manual operation occurring within the Treasurers department that is behind schedule and they are “manually inputting figures from the computer system into an Excel spreadsheet”.

This is 2012!

Certainly there is an automated system that can be used within the existing software. Recommendations have been made to buy brand new software, but maybe the staff using the software needs training to run query reports to help in exporting from one department to another.

From reading the Crowe Horwath executive summary, we easily determined where the “bottlenecks” are and it’s possible that we spent $6 thousand to save a needless expenditure of hundreds of thousands taxpayer dollars on new software.

To us, it seems like a worthwhile investment!

You would think with 112 years of combined government reporting experience, that Mr. Walker and Roysdon would have read more than one consultants summary report meant for high level decision-making.

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