Pence Votes to Defund His Own Measuring Tool

For those requesting it, or not, many received the simple plan that Mike Pence has for Hoosiers if elected in November. I’ve meant to review it all week, but couldn’t find the time, or maybe I lacked the desire after seeing one too many of Mike’s appearances on Fox News Network.

Pence is one of the honorary spokespersons for the Right Wing Media and stretches the truth a little. Well, it’s more like blatantly misrepresenting facts with the primary intent of misleading viewers which evokes an emotional response from the audience – they get angry.

U.S. Congressman Mike Pence’s plan consists of six (6) measurable goals. Each goal is tied to a specific measuring tool that appears well thought out and neutral…on the surface.

One of his goals is improving the quality of our Hoosier workforce, and Mr. Pence plans to use the American Community Survey, or the U.S. Census Bureau results to evaluate his policies.

The U.S. Census Bureau data has many useful data points and is used by businesses when considering relocation of a headquarters and by many policy makers from local to federal governments. Allocation of government resources and grant money is based on the outcome of this data.

So, what is the problem with Mike Pence wanting to use this one-stop source for data?

U.S. Congressman Mike Pence and all his fellow republicans in Congress voted to defund the American Community Survey last month. The republicans feel we cannot afford this project any longer and claim questions are unconstitutional. According to last months NY Times article:

Mr. Webster (the resolution’s author) and other critics have gone so far as to say the American Community Survey is unconstitutional. Of course, the basic decennial census is specifically enumerated in the United States Constitution, and courts have ruled that this longer form of the census survey is constitutional as well.

Mr. Pence is proposing a simple plan for Hoosiers with publicly funded measuring tools, while at the same time he is working behind closed doors to get rid of the tools used to measure his progress, or lack of progress.

This really doesn’t make any sense.

According to the republicans, one of the reasons to defund the American Community Survey is the Federal Government is broke, and our deficits are too large to sustain themselves, yet every remedy President Obama has made on taxing the wealthiest 1% and eliminating corporate tax loopholes, receives Nay votes by every republican in office.

Pence totes his big government rhetoric to angry viewers across the nation on Fox News, while using taxpayer funded organizations to measure his plans for Hoosiers. Is he expecting progress? Or, maybe he really doesn’t want the survey of American communities to show that his policies are hurting Hoosiers.

While our economy is still weak and many Hoosiers struggle with living from one day to the next, the republicans are slashing programs across the Nation, and Mitch Daniels has done the same inside Indiana. We’ve written about the negative impact of austerity measures on Hoosiers, so maybe the republicans don’t want everyone to know just how bad it is likely to get.

Regardless of his motives, in one breathe Mr. Pence abhors government spending while he uses taxpayer-funded organizations for measuring each on of his policies. In one breathe he says, “We’ll use the American Community Survey to measure my policies, while behind closed doors he votes to defund the valuable survey.” Seems very hypocritical.

Vote informed.

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