Progressive Direction, or Will Plutocracy Rule?

The substantial victories in last weeks election should have both parties evaluating their political capital to see which direction has been paved for our democracy.

Karl Rove lost 41 of 50 races he supported, or a batting average of .182, which is not even bush league – it’s a very poor performance, and should have the plutocracy quite nervous.

Two states voted to decriminalize marijuana which has the Feds contemplating how to manage those states. According to reports coming from Kings County, Washington, jury trials on many open criminal possession cases were tossed out due to the ballot initiative.

It’s also interesting to read that Vermont is moving forward with a single payer healthcare system which is what progressives wanted Obamacare to look like before Obama caved into pressure from the Republicans. We received the compromise, the Affordable Care Act, with the personal mandate. By the way, next week is the deadline for states to decide whether they will participate in the federal program or form their own exchange. How will Indiana respond?

Recently, Bill Moyers interviewed Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator from Vermont. He was asked which Democrat Party will Obama represent after his victory. Bernie’s response was:

Well, we certainly hope it will be the party of the country, the party of 25 million Americans without any jobs, the party of people struggling to keep their heads above water, the party of the people who want to see health care for all of us. But there is no question, Bill, of the enormous impact that big money has, certainly on the Republican Party, but on the Democratic Party as well. And I fear very much that unless we galvanize public opinion, unless we create the kind of progressive grassroots movement the big money interest will continue to dominate.

Some are certain that Obama will allow social security to become a topic for conversation which has been the wish of the plutocrats on Wall Street. Billions of dollars of fund management fees will become eligible overnight if vouchers become an option.

How will Obama respond now that he has the support of the American people while sending Team Karl Rove a vicious knock out blow?

According to Bernie, corporate interests have already been sitting down in Washington with our elected officials deciding how to handle the “fiscal cliff”. Do you think they are considering what’s best for the citizens of the United States?

Watch closely the coming weeks as many decisions will be made that will shed light on our immediate future, and who will be getting their way – the plutocrats or the American people. Will those Americans who showed up at the polls to wait 6-8 hours in line to cast their ballot be supported by our POTUS, or will the plutocracy continue getting what they want? According to Senator Sanders,

What you are looking at is a nation with a grotesquely unequal distribution of wealth and income, tremendous economic power on Wall Street, and now added to all of that is big money interests, the billionaires and corporations buying elections,” Sanders tells Bill. “I fear very much that if we don’t turn this around, we’re heading toward an oligarchic form of society.”

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Todd Smekens

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