Indiana Blizzard 2012 – Euclid

If naming Tropical Storms wasn’t enough, we’ve now started branding winter storms with their own title. This year’s post-Christmas storm has been named Euclid and it’s dropping up to 16 inches of snow on Central Indiana Wednesday and packing wind gusts up to 40 mph.

Euclid is named after the “Father of Geometry” from Ancient Greece.

Most organizations have closed and Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler has asked residents to stay off the roads unless it’s an emergency.

According to recent reports on Twitter, the Bloomington, Indiana area has already received 11.5 inches of snow and it’s still piling up.

The winds are making the roads hazardous for travelers and road crews trying to clear roads. Muncie Police Chief Steve Stewart asks that residents stay off the roads unless an emergency and advises, “If you must go out, take a fully charged cell phone with you in case of emergency”.

Muncie Voice encourages you to ignore the idea of going for a joy ride in the midst of Euclid. Do yourself and your neighbors a favor by staying off the roads. Let the road crews do their job and keep clear access for emergency vehicles.

We can thank the NBC owned “Weather Channel” for deciding to name noteworthy winter storms. Below is the list of names, along with some information about the origins of the names.

Athena: The Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, inspirations, justice, mathematics and all things wonderful.

Brutus: Roman Senator and best known assassin of Julius Caesar.

Caesar: Title used by Roman and Byzantine emperors.

Draco: The first legislator of Athens in Ancient Greece.

Euclid: A mathematician in Ancient Greece, the father of geometry.

Freyr: A Norse god associated with fair weather, among other things.

Gandolf: A character in a 1896 fantasy novel in a pseudo-medieval countryside.

Helen: In Greek mythology, Helen of Troy was the daughter of Zeus.

Iago: Enemy of Othello in Shakespeare’s play, Othello.

Jove: The English name for Jupiter, the Roman god of light and sky.

Khan: Mongolian conqueror and emperor of the Mongol empire.

Luna: The divine embodiment of the moon in Roman mythology.

Magnus: The Father of Europe, Charlemagne the Great, in Latin: Carolus Magnus.

Nemo: A Greek boy’s name meaning “from the valley,” means “nobody” in Latin.

Orko: The thunder god in Basque mythology.

Plato: Greek philosopher and mathematician, who was named by his wrestling coach.

Rocky: A single mountain in the Rockies.

Saturn: Roman god of time, also the namesake of the planet Saturn in our solar system.

Triton: In Greek mythology, the messenger of the deep sea, son of Poseidon.

Ukko: In Finnish mythology, the god of the sky and weather.

Virgil: One of ancient Rome’s greatest poets.

Walda: Name from Old German meaning “ruler.”

Xerxes: The fourth king of the Persian Achaemenid Empire, Xerxes the Great.

Yogi: People who do yoga.

Zeus: In Greek mythology, the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and the gods who lived there.

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