Workplace Issues In China & USA

Workplace issues are now quickly hitting China. And for those who still want to blame “political forces” or “unions” for jobs leaving the United States, time to drop the blame game and realize it was global corporations who fled the US for low wage workers in China.

You can also add, China’s little or no environmental restrictions also aided in corporate migration to Asia, so their labor intensive and high polluting waste was allowed to be dumped into the environment without an EPA to fine and penalize them.

However, according to the Chairman’s blog post on Gallup, China faces environmental problems which will cost billions to clean up, and workers are demanding better working conditions and higher wages.

With more studies focusing on worker engagement, we are discovering that China is also suffering from a disengaged worker.

The US has been facing this issue for years, but as opposed to altering the production of goods and services, a corporate owned media refuses to inform the public about these obvious issues so we’ve lacked serious discourse. Without identifying the problems and reaching a consensus that changes need to be made, we cannot propose solutions.

As opposed to addressing the conclusions of Daniel Pink’s, Drive, a corporate media refuses to acknowledge that workers are generally motivated by intrinsic forces, not extrinsic. In essence, workers prefer labor they enjoy and has meaning to them. Dull work with low pay is a recipe for unhappy Americans.

Unhappy Americans consume more depression pills and ingest more alcohol and drugs to escape their boredom. A third of our lives are spent working, so if we’re unhappy at work it will spill over into other aspects of our lives. There has been no political will to address these issues mainly because it is disruptive to American corporations who fund the campaigns of politicians.

Even though the Wikipedia vs Microsoft Encarta experiment demonstrated that all the wealth and resources at Microsoft’s disposal failed miserably to compete with a free resource where individuals contribute their time and energy to help spread knowledge to others without a profit.

Stay tune for the possibilities of Wiki-Education or Wiki-College.

Workplace issues aside, the study also concluded that China’s GDP will overtake the US within the next several years. Asia is primed to be the global engine.

Our political leaders need to unchain themselves from corporate interests and start moving this country forward or risk falling behind Asia even further in other categories. Nearly all our systems need overhauled to reflect our shifting position within the global economy. The negative consequences of a profit driven economy are noticeable throughout the U.S., and we’ve been very slow to make changes, and in some industries like food, we’ve even moving in wrong direction.

New systems and structures must be built with people as the center of the economy, not corporate profits.

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