Thinking of Moving to Muncie Indiana?

Thinking of Moving to the Muncie Indiana Community?

Dwight Eisenhower claimed “planning is everything,” but when it comes to moving to a great family environment, Americans need look no further than Muncie Indiana community. Known since 2007 as America’s “most affordable college town,” Muncie also offers a range of amenities that will prove attractive to families with children of all ages.

Family Life in Muncie

Once a manufacturing center, Muncie has reinvented itself as a thriving part of Indiana’s 21st-century economy, attracting younger residents with employment opportunities in sectors such as retail, education, and healthcare.

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, but families in Muncie have plenty of activities to choose from. Only five miles outside the city proper, Prairie Creek Reservoir offers more than 1200 acres of recreational opportunities including camping, fishing, and boating. Families that like to hike and bike together will enjoy the Cardinal Greenway, which has more than 55 miles of picturesque trails covering a north/south trail from Gaston to Richmond, Indiana.

Meanwhile, back in the city, children of all ages will go wild for the toy aircraft on display at the National Model Aviation Museum, while families with a taste for high culture can enjoy the Muncie Civic Theatre, Minnetrista Cultural Center and Muncie Symphony Orchestra. Muncie also boasts of a widely recognized public transportation system with MITS.

Muncie has earned the American Lung Association’s coveted ranking as one of America’s cleanest cities, a fact which comes as a breath of fresh air to today’s increasingly health-conscious parents. Still, when medical care is warranted, Muncie residents can choose from Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospital, American Health Network, and Renaissance Specialty Hospital of Central Indiana, as well as a large number of clinics and urgent care facilities.

One Vital Consideration: Education

American parents are almost universally concerned that their children attend a high-quality neighborhood school. In this, as in so much else, the Muncie community excels. At Royerton Elementary School, for example, more than 96% of 3rd graders scored proficient in English Language Arts, compared to a statewide average of 85%. Scores in math were very nearly as high.

Muncie features no fewer than nine elementary schools scattered across the city ensuring that most children are able to attend school without enduring the long daily travel times common in larger communities. These schools, however, each have their own individual character as demonstrated by Burris Laboratory School, which specializes in innovative educational strategies and has gained national notice for its girls’ volleyball program.

Indeed, the Muncie community has a long tradition of youth sports participation, with thriving programs at the city’s nine middle and high schools. Muncie Central High School is the standout in this regard, holding the record for the most basketball championships in the entire state. To this day, the school boasts one of the 20 largest high school gyms in the world.

College Education in Muncie

For a city with barely more than 70,000 residents, Muncie boasts an astonishing number of colleges and universities. Ball State University offers a full educational program including honor societies and fraternity life, but also provides students with the opportunity to study abroad in diverse world locations such as Costa Rica, Australia, and the Czech Republic.

Students who want a more gradual transition to the full college experience can benefit from the Muncie campus of Indiana’s Ivy Tech Community College, which specializes in both career training and 2-year academic degrees. Finally, Muncie hosts the private educational institution Harrison College, where one option is an accredited program in medical assisting.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Muncie made top scores in Coldwell Banker’s 2007 Home Price Comparison Index, but the housing stock in the city has much than affordability to recommend it. Muncie offers house buyers a diverse selection that includes not only traditional single-family homes in the heart of the city, but also homes on acreage properties near the outskirts. Families on the lookout for an even more affordable situation can investigate the ample supply of condominiums and townhomes that have been built in and around the Muncie area, while those who prefer a small rental to begin with can start out with an apartment or loft.

Best of all for prospective renters, perhaps, is the fact that Muncie is currently seeing plenty of new construction. This means that those needing to rent a pickup truck in order to get into or out of Muncie will find that their options are wide open, but you better plan ahead because the Muncie community is constantly on the move. 

From vintage architecture to homes with 21st century styling, Muncie has it all – including even a thriving community of designers, architects, and builders who are happy to build new from scratch to create the perfect dream home.

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