Gannett Target #1: Hunger Strike for Journalistic Integrity

Muncie Activist Launches Hunger Strike for Guantanamo Awareness

Muncie, IN – Monday, May 13, 2013 – Beginning Monday May 13th, an activist known as “Inmate 1776” began a “Hunger Strike for Journalistic Integrity” to raise awareness for the continued mistreatment of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, “It’s embarrassing that we as a nation are responsible for such a place,” he says.

“Inmate 1776” plans to continue his fast until the ten largest news agencies in Indiana publish stories regarding the Guantanamo prison, its history, and the prisoners’ hunger strike. In early February, the prisoners began a hunger strike that has persisted for over three months. Now, over 100 of the 166 prisoners left in Guantanamo are on a hunger strike. Some prisoners have been force fed in an effort to keep them alive. “Many of these prisoners have already been through so much, including torture, that the least we can do is pay attention,” he says.

Last Friday, “Inmate 1776” attracted attention when he volunteered to be waterboarded in front of the Star Press News building in downtown Muncie, IN. The waterboarding was recorded, and the hard-to-watch video was uploaded to YouTube. “I hope to use my own body as a tool to raise awareness and shake up the American public for action,” he states.

For more information on “Inmate 1776” and his “Hunger Strike for Journalistic Integrity,” visit,, or email

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