Gannett Editor Applauds American Socialism

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Gannett Editor Applauds American Socialism

Last week, Muncie Voice shared an article on our Facebook page called, Everyday Socialism, American-Style, Is Happening Now, which was an excerpt from Guy Alperovitz’s new book called, What Then Must We Do: Straight Talk About the American Revolution, and almost right in line with the locally written article by our Gannett newspaper titled, Culture of Cash is Norm When It Comes to Development.

The timing of the two are even more rich because the first article by Guy Alperovitz talked about how common socialism is within the United States and he said this about the American Press,

Most people don’t know they’re so common, and the decaying American press isn’t much help. Also, “the other side” doesn’t have any interest at all in letting you know what can be done. Indeed, what is being done all the time in the way of large-scale democratization throughout the country, even “socialism,” American-style.

What is he talking about?

Socialism, but not the kind the far right likes to scream about to scare all the blue blooded Americans who are worried about  their rights and freedoms disappearing as visions of Hitler’s Fascist rule or Russian style communism comes to mind.

 Why wouldn’t they when Glenn Beck always flashes images of Hitler when talking about socialism.

What Guy is talking about is the kind of socialism that has worked in our country all the time, and even though some of our free market capitalists can’t stand the idea of losing their Utopian Laissezfaire marketplace, the facts are many businessmen are seeking these kind of deals almost everyday because they make sense and usually offer a win-win for all interested parties.

Based on the excerpt from his book, there are thousands of these arrangements already working in the United States. As he points out,

I’m talking about the (efficient) government ownership of businesses, some set up in the past and still working very nicely, thank you, and many new efforts now also flourishing big-time.

For a start: It’s often forgotten—or simply not known—that there are more than two thousand publicly owned electric utilities now operating, day by day, week by week, throughout the United States (many in the conservative South). Indeed, 25 percent of US electricity is supplied by locally owned public utilities and co-ops. Moreover, most of these now conventional “socialist” operations have a demonstrated capacity to provide electricity at lower cost to the consumer, not to mention cheaper and more accessible broadband. (Nationally, on average, customers of private utilities pay 14 percent more than customers of public utilities.)

Why can they do it more cheaply?

The don’t have to pay shareholders and they don’t have to accommodate some messiah CEO who thinks he/she deserves a $6 million salary. In fact, some of these socialist operations pay much needed revenue back to the municipality. Much like a publicly owned parking garage in the Village.


We find it comical that the Gannett owned StarPress in Muncie, Indiana actually wrote an editorial applauding the Muncie Redevelopment Commission for not one, but two socialist propositions right here in Middletown, USA. The first one was for pledging money to make the Roberts Hotel redevelopment project work and receiving prime first floor commercial real estate, and the other consists of a parking garage deal in the Village.

Progressives unite!

While the Gannett newspaper typically offers its pages up to the most conservative pundits like the ALEC controlled Indiana Policy Review to peddle their tired old free market views, it’s nice to see the newspaper actually shed some progressive light on a liberal administration which is moving the City forward with over $100 million in new investment.

While we’re certain they don’t fully understand just how much pleasure myself and other progressives obtain from Gannett endorsing socialist projects in Muncie, Indiana, we’re sure the Agenda 21 and tea sipping slum lords around Delaware County will find themselves fit to be tied once they realize our conservative community has become a breeding ground for socialist business deals, and that their reliably conservative newspaper is siding with more progressive ideas.

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