GOP: A Home for Low Information Voters

It’s pathetic when the Republican Party, backed by the Koch brothers and one of their organizations called Americans for Prosperity, intentionally attacks a law benefiting millions of Americans with false and misleading advertisements.

We can remember when the GOP used to stand for principles and values, but nowadays, they spend money and resources targeting low information voters. All they want are the votes, and it doesn’t matter how they secure them. It’s the “win at any cost” strategy, and it’s worked in Indiana and almost the entire south.

We consider Low Information Voters (LIVs) as those who spend little or no time informing themselves about important topics of the day or refusing to take responsibility for the direction of their community or their country. Our Founders went to great lengths to warn us about an uninformed populace and how tyrants will rule in such the case.

The Urban Dictionary defines the low information voter as, “One who votes based on information gleaned from other low information voters, rumors, viral emails, and FOX “News”.

As a result of their apathetic stance, LIVs are easily swayed by rumors and advertisements in media sources like Gannett. Ads are targeted during specific television shows or “cable news”.  As opposed to researching facts and figures for themselves, they rely on information furnished to them during these advertising sound bytes.

Facts are irrelevant –  LIVs vote based on beliefs, emotions and impulse.

Since the GOP’s platform appeals to a declining minority of people, they rely on these disinformation campaigns to secure votes. In the last Presidential election, they used non-issues such as birth certificates, legal residence, Muslim brotherhood, fascist connections, etc. to sway voters to cast their ballots against President Barack Obama. They also utilize blanket statements like, “Obama has wrecked the economy!” as a tool to collect the low information voters since they are too lazy to look up any number of economic charts that would easily discredit that claim.

In general, republican policies are not popular among the younger generation, they disenfranchise women, the LGBT community, and minorities. They say they still have a foothold on believers in the Christian faith, but those who actually consider Jesus as a spiritual leader already understand that we are our brothers keeper and fully grasp the “Golden Rule”.  The bible isn’t meant to be used as a weapon to ridicule, demean, and exclude brothers and sisters from equal rights granted by an all-inclusive God.

Even Hoosier Governor Mike Pence seems confused with our Founders guiding principles. Although an educated man, he is still unable to differentiate the religious teaching of man from the spiritual concepts which our Founders used when referring to the word God. Mr. Pence refuses to allow those of same sex to marry or have equal rights as himself as a married man. He’s using a religious belief to discriminate against fellow Hoosiers, and it displays wrong understanding of spiritual principles and improper segregation of church and state.

Plato discussed the need for philosopher kings in his political realm, and we agree. If the GOP had leaders remaining in their party, they’d stand up against the Koch’s for disrespecting his fellow man by disseminating false information onto uninformed masses in order to get votes that further his free market agenda to make profit at the expense of both Americans and our environment.

The Koch’s, ALEC, and our Plutocracy are manipulating our neighbors so they will cast a vote against their own self interest in favor of policies written behind closed doors by corporate lawyers to benefit the Plutocracy. Our neighbors are unwillingly participating by giving up their rights and liberties to a small number of individuals who comprise our ruling class.

It was bad enough for the GOP to use the existing hate in the south to convert democrats into republicans by airing the subtle message of exclusion and white male supremacy, but once the democrats got behind Barack Obama, they turned on the hate rhetoric valve and collected millions of deserters into the republican party. Once there, they have added women to the list of second class citizens.

All they want are votes to secure their seats so they can implement ALEC backed legislation which is pro-business, anti-environment, anti-consumer and anti-worker. We are convinced that if these voters were remotely informed on the subjects ALEC supports, they would vote against them. The problem is they don’t know, don’t grasp it, or simply don’t care.

These LIVs are conspirators in converting our free republic to a place of servitude with little or no rights. The billionaire club will continue giving money to ALEC and Americans for Prosperity to exploit Americans who refuse to inform themselves about relevant issues impacting our society. Being an American citizen has responsibilities attached to it. If you want the ideals this country stands for then you must be willing to participate in how it operates.

If you don’t want to participate, then media outlets like Gannett will continue peddling misleading information to keep voters and citizens uninformed, then we’ll continue seeing America decline into a second class country.

We close with two relevant quotes from Thomas Jefferson which sum up our point:

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” –Thomas Jefferson to Charles Yancey, 1816.

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government.” –Thomas Jefferson to Richard Price, 1789.

Update July 8, 2013: The day this article was printed, we received a Gallup poll indicating that 20% of republicans get their news from Fox. According to the poll, “Fox News is a clear driver of Republicans’ higher tendency to turn to television for their news, with 20% versus 6% of independents and 1% of Democrats.”

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