Tea Party Patriots: The American Taliban

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Senator Richard Lugar was defeated by Richard Mourdock last year because the Tea Party determined that he was weak for compromising with policy decisions made by President Barack Obama. They don’t want anybody who will compromise, or govern, they only want people who will uphold their brand of radical conservatism.

Richard Mourdock later in 2012, made a slip of the tongue during the senatorial debates when he said, “If a woman gets raped, and gets pregnant, it must be Gods will.”

He defended his words several times after that fact, and his defense was, “I’m being punished for what I firmly believe in.” Hoosiers didn’t appreciate the comment and handed the election to his democrat opponent.

He’s correct, Mourdock and Tea Party members in Indiana and all over the United States believe exactly the same way. They’ve blended their fundamental Christian beliefs with how our government should govern its people. By doing so, they have waged a war on minorities, women, gays and immigrants. Essentially, the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence told same sex couples that they wouldn’t be considered parents in Indiana because they have less rights than he does as a Christian male we suppose.

They prefer that government not exist, and the keys to our political system be handed over to the drivers of our economic system – capitalists. They want the same people driving both our political and economic systems in what the Koch brothers refer to as free markets even though there is no functioning example of any country that operates a free market system. Our economic system has always been mixed and as Muncie Voice has pointed out in the past, there are numerous examples of American socialism already in existence.

Merriam-Webster defines fundamentalism as: a movement or attitude stressing strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles.

The Tea Party has taken both the Bible and the Constitution in its literal form of interpretation and combined them to create a movement which seeks to annihilate its own existence. Why? Our government symbolizes the people it represents with elected neighbors who serve us to ensure that our systems are functioning for the best interest of the whole. America is great when all her parts are working well.

However, every economic chart or graph illustrates that a very small percentage of America has prospered in the last several decades while the majority of Americans have seen a decline. This decline and the end of the industrial revolution has also removed all hope for upward social mobility out these doldrums.

The Tea Party has a solution for us all: eliminate unions, eliminate minimum wage, eliminate our government, allow corporations to dictate all terms of employment giving no rights to workers, let corporations keep check on their own pollution controls, allow monopolies in every industry, do away with government education so they can teach their own version of knowledge, allow too big to fail financial institutions to trade risky derivative investments with our deposits instead of loaning monies to small business, establish vigilante laws for gun owners, reinforce segregation and essentially use Homeland Security as a means to keep citizens in line from resisting their control.

If this sounds like a party of patriots – it’s not. It’s a party of fools who have been manipulated to assist the likes of the Koch brothers and ALEC (collective corporations) to render our government even more ineffective than it is right now so corporate profits will be the driving force of America.

In actuality, we need a stronger government to remove these global powers from influencing elections and policies. Remove Big Food executives from our USDA and FDA departments. Enforce pollution controls instead of letting companies pollute our water and then sell us bottled water at a profit. The government needs to say no to seed monopolies and require labeling of any product which is genetically modified so we can decide whether we want pesticide in our bodies.

We also need a free and independent media to hold both the public and private sectors accountable insisting on transparency so the people can decide if governments plans have encroached our liberties. We need a government that will impose limitations on campaign financing and term limits so we get proper rotation with our public servants.

These aren’t socialist concepts – they are American concepts. It’s what our founders wanted. If they wanted a plutocracy or autocracy, why did they even bother to flee Europe for America. Unless the majority of Americans are prosperous, America is failing in its mission. We should be figuring out ways to make immigrants successful in this country because they make a stronger America. Instead, the Tea Party wants to build walls to prevent their entry.

To close, we show a piece of video from The Newsroom which inspired this article. Even though it’s a dramatic series on cable television, it’s a powerful clip and one we think you’ll appreciate.

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