Corporate Media: A Fake Crusade Serving Elitists

The role of a free press is to serve the people and keep the powers of our government and corporations in check. However,  corporate media now serves the interests of the elite who own them.

Over the coming months, we believe that our government will become even more criticized for its “hypocrisy” in discussing freedoms and liberties while its actions would indicate that is not their focus, and 9/11 was a convenient excuse to further elevate their effort to build a defense against the inevitable uprising from its own people.

This is not a president who is acting on his own in tyrannical fashion as all the “right wing lunatics” have conveyed to the American people. When corporate farms are allowed giant government subsidies while Americans starving are denied food, we have a problem. When a government allows interest rates on student loans to double from 3% to 6% while loaning money to Wall Street banks for a fraction of 1%, we have a problem.

This is not a government acting on its own accord.

When Elitists no longer hide in the back room and make secret deals to benefit themselves at the expense of taxpayers, while they’ve made no effort to help out Main street, it would appear they no longer fear the soul of the American people.

This letter from Chicago Public Media is signed by a number of prominent scholars and Latin American professionals, sets out to correct the record of the American media’s depiction of Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela in their discussion of Edward Snowden’s situation. While many are placing Snowden in the camp as traitor and opportunist, it should not overshadow the revelations he made, with the assistance of the Guardian newspaper, about what our federal government has been doing for a long time.

Journalism’s primary purpose is to hold power accountable to the people. This purpose has been perfectly inverted. Columnists and bloggers are employed as the enforcers of corporate power, denouncing people who criticize its interests, stamping on new ideas, bullying the powerless.

Don’t drift back to sleep, or drift away due to royal births, we need to pay very close attention to what is being disclosed and who is being discredited and why. Gallup says more Americans distrust the press than ever before – there is a good reason for the distrust.

An Open Letter to the Media – Snowden and Latin America by Chicago Public Media

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Todd Smekens

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