Gallup Satisfaction Poll: Americans Must Be in Denial

In today’s Gallup poll on U.S. satisfaction, they made the following conclusion about our declining satisfaction with leadership on the direction of the country, “It thus appears that something other than the economy is causing Americans to be less pleased with the president as well as the overall direction of the country.”

Let me use a picture to illustrate why:

Top 1% Income Growth
The American people have been screaming for over a decade that we need help. We’re not getting it. The House members in Washington aren’t listening – their approval ratings have plummeted to 17%, or 83% of America says, “Wrong way!”. The Teapublicans have all made pledges refusing to raise taxes on the 1% percent because our countries “real problem are the poor and working poor”.

Former President Bush revved up the war machine the same time he cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans, and assisted in deregulating the financial industry even further then was done under President Clinton. What could possibly go wrong?

The American people have been screaming ever since free trade was opened up by Bush Sr, and Clinton, in anticipation of the global economy at the same time our industrial age was winding down and the information age was taking over.

Where was the planning by our leaders for what was coming our way?

Consumerism fueled by excessive use of credit cards was unsustainable.

Major transformations were taking place all at once, but where did the middle class fit within this global shift? What were the safeguards put into place for a society that drove the economic engine for the world since the 50’s?

Failed leadership, poor planning, greed, and a government which has systematically sold out to the highest bidder. With unions decimated, there is no protection for the working class. Guess who’s driving the bus now?

Take one look at the chart, and you can quickly determine who has been and is driving the bus – the Robber Barons. And the reason we don’t like the direction and our satisfaction is low – policies are written to benefit them to the detriment of the American people. If you’re not a Robber Baron, then you’re feeling the pinch.

As Americans, here is one thing we should resent and demand retribution before we move forward. For over 50 years the financial industry has been lobbying against regulation. In the mid-80’s we saw the advent of derivative products and they were being used by the commercial banking industry. Their lobbying efforts have gained so much control over our elected officials that they have to be told how to vote.

The Banksters on Wall Street took risks they couldn’t afford to take and regulations weren’t in place to stop them – still aren’t in place. Taxpayers paid $13 trillion to bail them out and we didn’t get one piece of stock in exchange. We provided the capital needed to keep them afloat and keep investors from seeing their stock become worthless overnight.

The highly paid CEO’s, like Jamie Dimon who make $21 million a year, didn’t lose their jobs – they got bonuses. We had a chance to break them up and prevent another debacle, but no, we declared them too big to fail meaning they can continue their illegal and risky investments knowing if they fail, taxpayers will make them whole again.

And what did we get in return?

One of the greatest slight of hand tricks this country has ever seen – corporate owned media blamed the demise on minorities for borrowing too much money on their houses, two politicians who “forced banks” to make unwise loans, and then we have 47% of Americans so dependent on the Federal Government that they have to vote for democrats to keep their gravy train going (according to Mitt Romney and the billionaire club).

Did you catch the magicians work?

That’s right, poor people and even the sick people in this country. The “entitled leeches” on our system. Public sector unions, firemen, teachers, police officers, government workers – “Damn all of you for screwing up this country!”

When a president declares war and hands out credit cards with no spending limit, and no accountability for money spent, what could go wrong?

The leaders of our financial industry were defrauding every municipality throughout the globe and so far, not one of them has gone to jail. Their fraud and risk taking caused the largest global financial collapse this world has known – everybody was negatively affected, yet the American people bailed them out, and share values remained in tact.

In the real world, and even in the make believe world of the Koch brothers and other “free market prophets” have sold the tea party on, if you lead a company to the point that it can no longer operate, you’ve failed. You close your doors, write signs that tell customers that you are no longer in business, and lock the doors. As a business, you file bankruptcy if you cannot meet your obligations and the shares become worthless.

While there are local grassroots efforts to make some changes, Washington is hopelessly gridlocked, and we think people are sensing that there will be no help from those we have elected to serve our interests. Our politicians in Washington are working for the Robber Barons and their lobbying groups who fund campaigns. Can the American people fund campaigns? Of course not, so forget about your interests being served.

U.S. satisfaction should be zero.

The only reason it’s not, is some Americans are in denial to cope with this negative reality. Maybe once our satisfaction drops below 10%, people will realize that blaming each other in Middletown isn’t working either. Maybe we’ll see that the slight of hand was administered by those who would gain the most. Based on the chart above, it shouldn’t be hard to identify the source of our malady, yet some sight their sites on their neighbors.

We need to come to agreement on our fate so we can work on the solutions.

One of the goals of Muncie Voice is to seek out solutions instead of burying our heads in the sand, or blaming our fellow neighbors, because we are convinced there are no Robber Barons among us in Middletown. When America is divided we fail, but when we stand together, nothing can stop us.



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