CAFOs: Big Ag Pulls Incriminating Internet Image

Muncie, Indiana – Muncie Voice has commented on the amount of confined animal feed operations (CAFOs) that have crept into Indiana since Mitch Daniels was governor. Mitch invited them into our state and then weakened state regulations on them allowing CAFOs free rein.

Many readers don’t believe our government would do this. In fact, if you listen to Fox News, you’re told our government is bloated and already too big – so large it cannot pay our debts. The new mantra of conservatism is “All Government is Bad”. Another mantra is “There are too many takers who vote for democrats.”

So, now we have the republican party spending their time making it more difficult for minorities and immigrants to vote. Texas, Florida and North Carolina are embarrassing this country with their antics.

These practices are all part of the conservative movement or free marketers back by the Koch brothers and their corporate assembled ALEC organization. The right to work legislation in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana all came from ALEC. We’ve listed some of the names, but there are too many to list at once.

Corporations give money to countless conservative organizations throughout ALEC’s network and those funds are used to invite and “educate” state legislators. Our elected officials.

These fine elected officials are promised campaign contributions (bribes) if they’ll add pro-business legislation in their state. All oblige.

No laws are more sickening or mind-boggling than the ones granted to Big Ag, or producers of our food. You would think all Americans would want to make sure that the food we eat is safe and protected. However, it is not. CAFOs have little or no regulations and state legislatures have passed laws preventing local governments like Delaware County from making even stricter regulations. The bribed officials push through laws called “Right-to-Farm” which seem innocent enough – if you own agricultural land, the laws should let you farm this land and make a living.

However, buried deep within the laws are codes that give corporate owned farms lucrative subsidies, protection from regulation, and literally the right to pollute our environment. The federally passed “right-to-farm” bill contained protections for Monsanto which is why it is referred to as the “Monsanto Protections Act”.

The existing press won’t even expose these legislators or the corporate farms because they are corrupted by the same system. I made corrections to the fraud journalist for the IndyStar who wrote a food article giving Big Ag a break, and all the comments were deleted. Gannett and Monsanto are part of the same corrupt system. Of course the IndyStar won’t hold them accountable.

Therefore, Big Ag’s corporate farms can do what they want without impunity. When independent news agencies (Indies) like Muncie Voice or environmental activists or food advocacy groups or animal rights organizations take matter into their own hands and expose what is happening on corporate farms – guess what happens?

Instead of holding the guilty party accountable, the whistleblowers get persecuted. New laws are created by ALEC and handed to their republican owned legislators who slip them through the state house which makes it illegal to fly over properties and take pictures, or shoot photographs of private property CAFOs. In other words, our laws are going to protect those who abuse animals, handle our food improperly or poorly, and pollute our land and water.

For years environmentalists have reported the devastating toll that factory farming takes on the environment due to the overwhelming amount of waste generated from the billions of animals raised and killed every year. Americans turn away because they don’t want to know what goes into the fast food they consume or the processed meals they buy from grocery stores.

Americans need to wake up and demand better. We should demand videos in each one of the CAFO’s so the EPA can watch what’s taking place in these well hidden and protected sources who raise our food.

When an ingenious activist in Texas used Google Earth to take the incriminating photo below of a large manure waste lagoon outside an industrial beef farm, guess what happened within minutes?

The image was taken off the internet site where it was posted. We can imagine what transpired when the photo appeared on Reddit exposing the corporate culprit in Dalhart, TX. Someone from the company (no doubt a member of ALEC) called their lawyer and government contact (paid for elected republican representative) who then contacted someone at Reddit to immediately take down the picture.

The Natural Resources Defense Council reports that animal waste is responsible for polluting more than 100,000 square miles of groundwater with chemical nitrates in California alone, and has been found to contain levels of Salmonella, E. Coli, and fecal coliform that are exponentially more concentrated than human waste.

So, fellow Hoosiers, with over 625 CAFO farms in Indiana producing waste, if your water is beginning to taste like shit, there is a reason for it.

Can you complain?

Sure, but nobody will do anything because while you’ve been asleep, Big Ag has bought all our elected officials (mainly republicans) who then write laws protecting the corporations from you. While you’ve been watching TV and playing video games, our government has become “Of corporations, by corporations, for corporations…”

And, you thought unions were the problem.

Manure lagoon

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