Education Reform: It’s Not About Students, It’s About Profits

Read a great op-ed piece from Terry Thrash Nelson, a former high school teacher of mine who is and has been a role model for many students in journalism, drama, and writing in East Central Indiana. Terry is very active in this community and very passionate about education which was clear in her StarPress editorial by giving both Indiana and nations lawmakers an ‘F’, or failing grade for education reform.

As I wrote in the comment section, I just wish she had submitted it to Muncie Voice since the spoon-fed conservative crowd that reads the Gannett rag will gloss over it as “liberal excrement”, as recently coined by former Governor, and current President of Purdue University, Mitch Daniels.

While some of their reporting is done in traditional journalism style, The StarPress opens its pages to the Indiana Policy Review which are connected to American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, which screens potential reporters on their “free market” views as part of the job application process. The Franklin Center funds reporters in over 40 states (Cecil Bohannon and Andrea Neal). The funding of this organization has ties to the Koch brothers and several trusts used to take money from corporations to fund campaign coffers for republicans.

They are not ‘bi-partisan’ just like Fox News is not ‘fair and balanced’, but these organizations have been given credibility by The StarPress as viable “news and information sources.’

As a small business owner, when you buy ads in The StarPress, you support their agenda or political beliefs. When you subscribe to their text or online services, you support the existence of these entities which then buy republican politicians who are stealing money away from education and destroying the creative and knowledge base transfer intended by the educational model.

Ms. Nelson captures the sentiment so well by writing, “The players in this “Game of Thrones” may be damaging the very minds and souls of our children and their educators, while limiting the potential successes and lifestyles of the next generation.”

Indeed, but they are not interested in unintended consequences. Their goal is profit above all else. The language of dollars and cents is the only one they pay attention to. Every vote for a republican means you endorse profit over all else.

So, whether you realize it or not, you are supporting the ‘ruling class’ which is undermining education and replacing it with for-profit test driven corporate models. The primary goal of ALEC and its corporate membership is to divert taxpayer funds to corporations to continue their push for ‘free markets’.

You see, while you weren’t paying attention, we elected a super majority of republicans in Indiana. At first you thought it was okay since it was a vote against the black guy in Washington who was converting the United States into a socialist state which would be a bad thing. However, ask those in Europe who has more freedom today and whose government is ran more like a democracy.

Your republican politicians underwrite laws behind closed doors benefiting corporations – ALEC members. Have you read about it in The StarPress?

If a ‘free press’ was established to hold our public and private sectors accountable, why isn’t TSP exposing our republican legislators for writing laws in this fashion?

The bottom line is you’ve been duped, or as Webster’s would say, “a person who unquestioningly or unwittingly serves a cause or another person.”

The solution is you’ll have to become smarter consumers and help educate and inform the masses as to the why and how they are being duped. Check out the expansive list of ALEC bills attacking worker and consumer rights.

Right now, the ‘ruling class’, lacking in numbers, has turned the proletariat conservative mindset against their brothers. They are being manipulated into doing the dirty work of the 1%. As we stated in a recent Muncie Voice article, Hitler spells out in his book, Mein Kampf, exactly how he is used propaganda to convince an entire country of Germans to take up war against the world and condemn their brothers to death. If you cannot see the striking similarities by now, you’re still asleep.

Muncie Voice has laid it out for you – a vote for a republican today is a vote for the ruling class which is not in your best interest, unless of course, you find yourself in the 1%. Believe it or not, the 1% are reading Muncie Voice, but the duped conservative mindset is told to refuse reading our articles and dismiss them as “liberal excrement”. Therefore, they are not getting the truth as they march, one by one over the cliff.

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