University Village Update: ‘Nattering Nabobs of Negativism’

Muncie, Indiana – Last week the local newspaper was given an “exclusive look” at the drawings for the newly named Village Promenade in Muncie’s University Village area. Those drawings are provided at the end of this article for your review.

However, the developers of the project, Investment Property Advisors (IPA), has a similar project in Louisville with pictures on their website. The building above is the picture of the Louisville project while the rendering below is of the Village Promenade. Not sure about you, but they look strikingly similar.

Anyhow, not much to update other than the new name. Although, there were 69 comments made about the article ranging from negative to really negative. To be fair, there were some people acknowledging how grateful Muncie should be for this development in the Village, but it was less than a handful. Most believe the project “wreaks of greasy palms; will cast long shadows on businesses north of university (huh?); will add to the litter problem in Muncie; and then some of the comments condemned Muncie officials for not spending the money elsewhere.”

One of my personal favorites was from a young resident who expressed, “Oh great, another apartment complex in Muncie, but there is still nothing to do here.”

On our shared Community Calendar on Muncie Voice, we show 30 events during the first week in October. We’re sorry, but If you cannot find something to do in Muncie, you’re just a boring person. We didn’t even try hard to find these events, so we are sure there are a dozen more events happening at the same time. Not to mention the parks and trails in Delaware County. We’ve met folks from Kentucky and Ohio who drive here to ride the 55 miles of paved trail from Gaston to Richmond.

Back to the $60,000,000 real estate investment everybody is so negative about, the earlier building was an eyesore for years, and it could barely find tenants due to poor management, or “over management”. Either way, the decaying former building added nothing to the Village area. But hey, what about the parking lots in the area? It’s almost comical to watch the wrecker/tow-trucks move in and out of the Village area non-stop towing away customers/shoppers of the existing businesses. Nothing says, ‘Shop Here’ like coming back to your car to find out it has been towed and it will cost you $120 to get it back.

You’d think local businesses and residents would be ecstatic to see a $60 million injection of capital into the University Village area with an economy as anemic as this one. Especially one with a parking lot!

Based on our first conversations with the developer, the first floor will consist of commercial shops offering new restaurants and retail shopping opportunities, and due to the apartment prices, many of them furnished with upgraded amenities, it will bring a more diverse clientele into the Village area.

It sure beats the rental properties surrounding the Village with ‘For Rent’ signs while the roof is collapsing or gutters have fallen off the home. It seems like the same homes we saw leased to students over 30 years ago. If the students are lucky, the property owners toss in a few hundred dollars for fresh paint and upgraded carpet. We sure do hate changes in ‘these here parts’.

We know the eloquent words penned by William Safire for Spiro Agnew were about the acrimonious relationship he and President Richard Nixon had with corporate media back in the 70’s, but the description sure fits the group of whiners and complainers we see consistently on our forums and in government meetings.

At least this time, nobody lectured about the grass on the roofs being an Agenda 21 global conspiracy from the United Nations.

Using a little editorial discretion, we would alter a new speech for say, City of Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler, “In Muncie today, we have more than our share of the nattering nabobs of negativism. They have formed their own 4-H Club — the hopeless, hateful, hypocrites of history.”

The revised rendering of the Village Promenade can be seen –  Village Promenade – Northwest Aerial.

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  1. You seem somewhat confused, since Muncie taxpayers are not funding this entire project. The MRC will build a parking garage, and the operators will lease a portion of the garage.

    As for the obscurity of Muncie Voice, we’ve been marketing ourselves selectively for well over a year. The local newspaper has no intention of giving us any ink, for obvious reasons. However, our website is used in conjunction with social media sites Twitter and Facebook. Come join us!

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