In Honor of Native American Heritage Month

Woodland Indian Educational Programs

Native American Heritage Month:.A Woodland Indian man was a warrior while battling, but a Woodland Indian man was first and foremost a husband, brother, father, and son. Not all became warriors, but all were family men. His personal honor was to never come at the expense of his family’s welfare…he too retreated with his family to escape a threat too great. If his family (including his female kin) thought a war unpopular, he did not participate. A war leader traditionally led in war only,…war deeds did not make him a leader of all. He gained his position not so much by how many he fought or captives he took, but by the lives he guarded under his lead. If a party returned victorious with even one man lost, it was deemed unsuccessful. A war leader knew it was better to return defeated with all warriors alive.

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Thank you to Susie Dunham for sharing this information.

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