Affordable Care Act: Health Exchange Update

Francisco Kjolseth/The Salt Lake Tribune, via Associated Press

Muncie, Indiana – As a follow-up to the article about Health Exchanges and the Affordable Care Act, we wanted to pass along an update received earlier today about the problems with the primary federal health exchange,

According to an article in the New York Times, “A part of the system, hidden from users, draws data from several federal and state databases to decide if consumers qualify for coverage and then calculates the subsidies for which they may be eligible. Another part of the system sends enrollment results to insurers. Several people involved in the project say that problems like those of the last three weeks are not uncommon when software from several companies is combined into a large, complex system.”

A “complex system” may be an understatement.

In the same article, sources said, “The Web site has about 500 million lines of software code. By comparison, a large bank’s computer system is typically about one-fifth that size.”

The website does not interfere with the state-run health exchanges who have set up their own. Those exchanges have performed as promised, and uninsured Americans are getting help. The federal website is receiving the load from those states, like Indiana, who refused to set up a health exchange.

In the case of Indiana, the health exchange was being set up by Mitch Daniels with $8 million in federal government funding, but Mike Pence, once elected, refused to partner with the federal government, and said no deal. His political ideology interfered with serving his constituents.

As a result of the website problems, the Whitehouse issued the following statement:

“So while there are major improvements to make on the new website, millions of Americans are already benefiting from the health care law. And we’re making sure that those who don’t have access to affordable health insurance today can sign up — online, on the phone, and even in person.

Here are some of the things we’ve done in the meantime to make the process easier. Take a look, and pass this message along to those you know who are trying to sign up for health care:

You can now preview plans and prices available in your area without filling out the online application.

You can find out, with an improved calculator, whether your income and household size may qualify you for lower costs on your monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

You can apply for coverage 4 ways: by phone, online, by mail with a paper application, or with the help of in-person assistance.

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