Glenda Ritz: “No Make up Snow Days for Indiana Schools”; Fights Disaster Capitalism

Photo taken by Aimee Fant at Murpah Shrine Club, Muncie, Indiana

Glenda Ritz Stands for Common Sense

Muncie, Indiana – As if Indiana needed another reason to support Glenda Ritz in her common-sense efforts to improve the Indiana educational system and keep it intact, according to Lydia Sheaks of the Elkhart Truth, State Superintendent Glenda Ritz has issued the following statement regarding making up missed school days- Jan. 6th and 7th (due to deteriorating weather and dangerously cold, sub-zero-colder-than-the-North-Pole temperatures):

Ritz’s Press Secretary Daniel Altman:  “Ritz decided just before 3 p.m. on Monday to also offer a waiver allowing Indiana school districts to cancel school on Tuesday without penalty. The waiver applies to all public and non-public schools in the state. ”  She cited economic hardship as the primary reason that school systems be allowed to opt out of making up these snow days.

However, it is up to each individual school system to apply for this waiver.

Ritz visited Muncie in Dec. 2013. She spoke at the Murpah Shrine Club about her intended plans for Indiana schools, particularly at the elementary level.  Among those in attendance were State Representative- (D) Sue Errington, Delaware County, Muncie, and Ball State University Democrats.

Media included Indiana Public Radio and the Muncie Voice. She gracefully avoided discussing Gov. Mike Pence’s new educational agency- the CECI, as its very existence presents conflicts of interests between funding and growing private, parochial and charters vs. continued funding of public education.  It is widely speculated among Republicans and Democrats alike, that the CECI is another step that further moves Indiana’s public educational system toward privatization.

Discussing this move toward privatization- Schools Matter‘s Doug Martin, outlines the 6-degrees-money/campaign-funding connection and underpinnings of disaster capitalism between large agencies like ALEC, Sallie Mae, Lumina, Eli Lilly- “The Industrial Education Complex” and key National/State political leaders- President George W. Bush, President Obama, former Governor Mitch Daniels, Gov. Mike Pence, among others in his January 5th article- The Daniels-Lumina-ALEC-Sallie Mae-Purdue-Gallup Index: What Everyone Needs to Know

In staying the course for public education, here’s a special message to Indiana educators from Ritz as we begin 2014:

Indiana schools not having to make-up snow days for Jan. 6th and 7th 2014?  What’s next? Every Indiana school system adopting a Labor Day to Memorial Day school-year calendar?  We shall see.

She has only just begun.

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Aimee West

Aimee Fant is mother of 3, public educator, writer and a CASA for children.
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