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How To Stay Safe When Hunting

Hunting is one of the best ways of connecting with nature while also putting food on the table. It can…

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Muncie Approves $100K in ARP Monies for the Newhouse Billionaires for Ironman Event

As I was scanning through Facebook the other day, I came across a video about a local Ironman triathlon that…

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How Sports Boost Your Social Life

Are you currently involved in sports as a weekly activity? If you’re not, you should be. There is research out…

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Getting a Little Bored of Sports? Here Are a Few Ways To Revive Your Interest

Have you ever found yourself bored with the current state of your favorite sports? Perhaps you don’t like how your…

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NFL Commish Tells Players to End #TakeAKnee

BLOG –  Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL, has told players the #TakeAKnee protest is over and time to…

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