Topics regarding the City of Muncie.

Muncie Taxpayers Pay WLBC to Produce ‘News’

In Muncie, we’ve already learned that the local newspaper, The StarPress, has been swallowed into a black hole owned by…

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Muncie: Fire Department Budget

I was sitting in the December City Council meeting when upcoming Muncie 2022 wages were introduced. It was no accident…

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Muncie Mayor Not Seeking Reelection

Earlier this afternoon, an emotional Dennis Tyler announced to a room full of his department heads and the press that…

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Indiana Workers Just Got Sucker Punched by GOP

Hoosiers’ Income Lagging for Decades As a journalist and progressive, it isn’t easy to share these facts with workers residing…

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Auschwitz Holocaust Survivor Eva Mozes-Kor Tells Muncie: “To Forgive”

Muncie Voice-Easter Sunday-April 20th, 2014 Muncie, IN Photograph: Top photo courtesy of Candles Museum. Bottom photo of Auschwitz Holocaust Eva…

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Mayor Dennis Tyler Declares “Muncie Moving Forward”

MUNCIE, Indiana – This past week, City of Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler gave the “State of the City” address to…

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Muncie Schools- Thrown under the Buses they Tried to Save; Waiver Denied

Muncie Community Schools- Thrown under the Buses they tried to save; Waiver Denied “Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat…

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Glenda Ritz: “No Make up Snow Days for Indiana Schools”; Fights Disaster Capitalism

Photo taken by Aimee Fant at Murpah Shrine Club, Muncie, Indiana Glenda Ritz Stands for Common Sense Muncie, Indiana –…

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