Glenn Greenwald: American Press is Neutered & Impotent

Glenn Greenwald Counters Criticism of His New Book on Democracy Now

MUNCIE, IndianaNEWS Next month, Muncie Voice will begin communicating to readers by hosting Indiana Talks, a 24/7/365 streaming internet radio station featuring predominantly Indiana talk radio personalities with a mix of nationally syndicated shows like Democracy Now!, The Ed Schultz Show, The Leslie Marshall Show, Ring of Fire and The Angel Clark Show.

If you haven’t caught Democracy Now, you should visit and support what Amy Goodman is doing. Like Bill Moyers, she and her staff are holding the government, the press and monied interests accountable for not serving the will of the people. The intertwined relations of our private sector, government and the press has created a core establishment which only serves a small percent of monied interests and manipulates the flow of information to end users – us. We’re told what they want us to know. Period.

Things are changing. I happen to believe it is the direct result of alternative news organizations like Muncie Voice, Democracy Now, The Guardian, The Intercept, Indiana Talks and Bill Moyers & Company who break from the traditional mold. It’s caused by journalists who refuse to be silenced – journalists who are passionate about seeking truth and sharing their findings with others.

In his interview with Amy Goodman, here is what Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald had to say about traditional news sources:

      “The editors at The Washington Post are very much old-style, old-media, pro-government journalists, the kind who have essentially made journalism in the U.S. neutered and impotent and obsolete. And The Guardian is very much, especially in the U.S., this sort of newcomer, this outsider, this mostly web-based publication that has more of an Internet, new-media culture. And the reason I went to The Guardian is because they have a history in the past of deviating from this sort of very conservative, pro-government line and doing reporting that’s in the public interest. And I think that came through in how they stood behind the reporting and really supported it every step of the way.”

You cannot make informed decisions unless you have good information. The internet and social media has made it easier for journos to write and publish their articles without being stifled or editorialized. This also opens the door to anyone with a computer calling themselves a journalist. You need to question everything, including what I write. Seek out several sources to see if ideas and comments mesh. Click through to references and read those articles. Using our critical thinking skills has never been more important.

As we start streaming Indiana Talks, listen to the message to see if it rings true. Fact check. Verify sources. We think you’ll find our new method of communicating news and information supportive of the many articles we’ve written over the past several years. We have no interest in manipulating anyone – our goal is to inform readers to help you make better decisions.

Our goal is to share news and information which serves the public interest – not appease monied interests.


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