Technology to Make Your Business Flourish Without Breaking the Bank

MUNCIE, Indiana NEWS– Technology is king in today’s age. Outside of salary reserves, technology is often the largest capital expense for start-ups. You want your employees to have the best, but unless your angel is endlessly giving you money, you cannot spend a fortune on technology. Luckily, there are some tech solutions that offer the best in quality and price.


There are very few businesses that do not require employees to have a computer in front of them. Even your sales staff needs to have computer power when they are on the road. The strength of the computer system will depend on your company’s needs, but for many start-ups, a laptop can replace a desktop system. This is advantageous because laptops are much less expensive than desktops and they also are portable. If your people only need a good word processing function, the writers at TechRadar say the new Samsung Chromebook 2 can function just as well as the more expensive laptop computers.


Entrepreneur magazine claims that you can run a business from your smartphone. Although this may or may not be true, there is no denying that the technological power of mobile devices is changing the way we do business. The Xperia by Sony is receiving high marks by most technology reviewers, and you can pick it up for under $600 or bundle it to receive a reduced price. It has a longer battery life than its competitors and it is waterproof, so your employees have no excuse for missing phone calls.


A computer without software is an expensive box. Computer and smartphone software can range in price from free to wildly expensive. Luckily, most computers come with a word processing suite. For example, the Chromebook is equipped with Google Drive, which has all the common functions of Microsoft Office. For smartphones, the Google and Apple stores have a large selection of business applications. The Clear app is a good for time management software because for under $10, you can manage the responsibilities of your staff no matter where they may be.

Cloud Access

Cloud sharing technology is a smart way to increase your productivity and decrease your cost. This way, even if you have a worldwide staff, you can save, share and edit documents in real-time. There are several good choices for cloud sharing platforms including Google Drive, Just Cloud and Dropbox. When you are looking, just be sure to find a system that is scalable in price and allows sharing of applications as well as documents.


The only thing worse than logging on the company website when it is down is a site that simply is not good. You want to offer your customer all the information they could ever need or want. Oftentimes, this means having a blog as a portion of your website. If you are new to blogging, the WordPress platform is helpful and easy to use. Your blog should connect to your social media channels, and your employees should have access to write and post content.

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