Big Data Can Have a Big Impact on Customer Service

Muncie, Indiana NEWS– What do you think of when you hear the term big data? Maybe documents printed out with a 172-point font? Magazines the size of a poster? Spreadsheets with unending rows of information?

Not quite. Big data refers to the process of examining vast amounts of information from a broad range of sources, analyzing the details and putting the findings together to arrive at a more effective and personable way to communicate with consumers. It’s defined by the three Vs: volume, velocity and variety, indicating an increase in data volume, how fast the data is streamed and the many types of data that are managed across various platforms.

A computer systems analyst with big data experience understands the needs and limitations of business and information technology, and he or she can offer great value to your business. Read on for the benefits that big data can give you and your company.

Better Individual Profiling

Perhaps a customer you know comes into your store once a month and you greet him by name. Another customer whose name you don’t know comes in occasionally as well, and you simply say, “hello.” Which customer feels more important and valued? More importantly, which customer is going to come back?

Consumers are demanding a more personalized experience from businesses. Before big data came along, it was difficult for business owners to identify the little details that helped make a personalized experience resonate with consumers. Now, if a business owner wants to succeed, it’s those little details that will make it or break it.

Quicker Ways to Take Care of Customers

Several poor customer service habits can sink a business, such as long wait times during phone calls, clients having to seek you out and employees who are poorly educated about the business’s services or products. Each of these can lead to customer frustration and could compromise a sale in the end.

Help is out there, however. Companies like Zipwire work with businesses to create an exceptional customer service experience. By having tools available such as priority routing, post call surveys, agent availability/presence, and queue optimization, Zipwire provides the means to streamline communication with customers more efficiently.

Help Employees Help Your Customers

Your employees must be taught how to use the results of big data analytics to provide a superior customer experience. If you are in retail, for example, and a customer needs service, your employees must be able to pull up the customer’s profile that has been collected and organized by big data analytics to expect the customers needs. If you make sure that your employee has access to the customers profile, the customer can then be provided a personalized shopping experience, made to feel important and walk away with a satisfying, memorable experience.

With these kinds of analytics and customer management, you may not be able to remember every customers name, but you’ll have access to their preferences when it comes to shopping in your store.

Big data delivers. It’s worth a try.

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