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Buy Quality Products versus Cheap

Muncie, Indiana NEWS – Products aren’t breaking any faster than they used to, according to Consumer Reports. When the organization compared repair rates of several items in 2014 to those in 2010, rates were similar — and some products even broke less often. Things seem like they don’t last as long as they used to because when products do break, it’s memorable — in most cases, they work poorly or stop working altogether.

But this only holds true when you buy quality and skip the junk items that are poorly constructed. You may be saving a few bucks in the short-term, but in the long-term, you’ll keep buying the same products over and over again to replace them. You could also compromise your health and safety by skipping the quality product, to begin with…here’s a look at why buying cheap is too expensive.


When is the last time you visited a discount clothing store and walked away feeling great about your bargains? Chances are those same clothes fell apart the same year. Meanwhile, high-quality clothes last longer, make you look and feel good and are usually more comfortable.

For those who truly can’t afford a decent wardrobe, buy a few inexpensive pieces and rent quality pieces from a reputable company instead. For example, Le Tote sends three garments and two accessories to your door every month. When you send it back, you receive your new order. Mr. Collection follows a similar model with a style profile that helps put together a wardrobe rental.

Infant car seats

Infant car seats are designed under strict safety guidelines and criteria that are updated regularly. But they carry expiration dates to ensure that their normal wear and tear doesn’t compromise their safety. Buying a cheap car seat online could mean it was recalled, used and returned or being sold as new when it isn’t. Always buy an infant car seat new and ask for a complementary installation either by your local fire department or certified company.

Contact lenses

Buying inexpensive contact lenses online usually works out fine if the company is reputable and requires a prescription. But purchasing cheap contacts to change your eye color on Halloween or for a special event could damage your eyes and put your health at risk. You could expose your eyes to bacterial infections, cuts, and even loss of sight. Ask an eye doctor for colored contacts and appropriate cleaners to care for them.


It’s tempting to think old tires will work fine for limited driving. But in reality, old tires carry a high risk for unexpected tire separation. Buyers browsing used and old tires also don’t know how they were maintained. Meanwhile, some auto retailers offer to fix the tires you buy from them for free or other perks like free rotation and balance. Choose new, quality tires and stay safe on the road.


Don’t go cheap on a dishwasher which is meant to make your life easier and more organized. It should be a quality dishwasher and strategically placed, or it could make your life more difficult. Call an expert for installation or refer to Rebecca Moses article about setting and installing a dishwasher. Expert advice many of us wouldn’t even consider. Because of the heavy loads and moving parts of dishwashers, it’s a good idea to find a quality home warranty.

Home warranties

Buying a cheap home warranty policy or ditching it altogether is a financial disaster waiting to happen. Instead of investing a few hundred dollars in a policy that can protect everything from repair to replacement costs, homeowners end up emptying their savings to replace broken appliances and systems.

Many people forgo a home warranty because they incorrectly believe home insurance covers those issues. But that’s not the case. According to TotalProtect, homeowner’s insurance generally covers structural damage to your home due to a catastrophic event like a fire but doesn’t actually cover items and systems in your homes like a refrigerator or the water heater.

Costume jewelry

The Center for Environmental Health reports that lead is common in costume jewelry for children and adults alike. In 2006, a four-year-old died days after swallowing a metal charm made almost entirely of lead. While you don’t need to invest in only fine jewelry, you do need to ensure your collection is made from quality materials and bought from reputable stores and jewelers. Accessorizing for a night out isn’t worth the high stakes of making yourself or family sick.

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