Indiana Primary Election: Trump and Sanders Show

Muncie, Indiana NEWS – The Indiana primary elections are coming next week on Tuesday, May 3rd to a polling place near your Indiana home. It’s already proving to be one of the biggest shows this year and despite the wins last week by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the Northeast, Indiana’s primary is huge because independent voters get to take part in our open primary. It’s also a major testing ground for Clinton and Trump to see how well they will do in an open primary. It’s also the last hurrah for Kasich and Cruz/Fiorina who no longer have a path to victory. They’ve even joined forces to stop Trump, but it didn’t even slow Trump down.

Twitter land is excited with the Cruz and Boehner clash of who is more like Lucifer. We’ve been told, Ted Cruz is the most disliked Senator in the USA. However, he’s a controllable puppet. The other Twitter noise today are the claims an Indiana phone bank is calling voters to let them know Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race. We heard the same shenanigans occurring in many other states. What’s odd is you won’t hear a word about this from the national news. Boehner calling Cruz, “a miserable son of a bitch.”, can be published, but voter tampering by Hillary Clinton, is not worth mentioning.

With Trump bringing the famed Bobby Knight to his stage, while Cruz alienates all Hoosiers by referring to a goal as a “basketball ring”, I’m guessing Trump will have a really big day next Tuesday in Indiana. The pundits are saying the Hoosier Tea Party is rallying around Cruz, but our money is on Trump primarily due to his oppressive stances on all minorities – the white supremacy crowd in Indiana is eating this up.

As we’ve discussed many times on Muncie Voice, Indiana looks more and more like a Southern state steeped in racism and hate peppered with Evangelical fundamentalism. We’re also a state full of bigots, lead by the chief republican bigot, Governor Mike Pence. We expect a really big day for Trump.

Our governor has been relatively quiet about who he’ll support, primarily because he’s a Charles and David Koch puppet. The Koch’s are backing Ted Cruz, but Ted hasn’t been doing very well. Furthermore, Pence is up for reelection and preliminary polls show him in a dead heat with the lackluster democrat, John Gregg. We’re sure Pence’s handlers don’t want him saying much until after the primary elections are over to see how the republican convention shakes out.

On the democrat side, Hillary and Bill Clinton have made the rounds in Indiana talking with the manufacturing base, while Bernie is addressing college campuses, where he thrives – packing in stadiums holding 15-25,000 young people. We’ve read several reports about Hillary’s visits, but not sure how well she was received by communities decimated by trade agreements – specifically NAFTA signed by Bill Clinton. Hillary also endorsed TPP, but apparently has changed her mind several times since. Most likely, she says one thing in her paid speeches to Banksters, while saying the opposite to union workers living in the Rust Belt.

Quite frankly, if you’re a minority, union member, college student, senior citizen, or you make less than $120,000 per year, you’d be a fool to vote for Hillary Clinton. She’s so deep in bed with our national and international oligarchs, once elected, she will not care about your plight. She has assisted in overthrowing stable government leaders supported by their people, in favor of Banana Republics – leaders subservient to international oligarchs. See Honduras, Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Ukraine, as recent examples.

Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump represent the growing populist bases in the United States and across the globe. When we say, “populist”, we mean it as a compliment – a positive attribute. When you hear local shills like Cecil Bohanon, or national shills like NBC’s, Chuck Todd, talk about “populism”, they refer to it with a negative connotation. It’s done intentionally to dismiss the non-political class or protect those in power. Sycophants is another term for the Old Guard.

When most of us look upon our constitution, we see a design for society – “We the people”. Historically, the Democratic Party represented the interests of the people. The very word means “people power”. However, this is no longer the case.

As one of the world’s leading intellectuals, Noam Chomsky, describes on Democracy Now, the entire country has shifted to the right along the political spectrum. Although, I still argue that the political spectrum is just a row in a pyramid where a handful of oligarchs control America at the very top of the pyramid.

Furthermore, under the leadership of Bill Clinton, the DNC abandoned unions for the big money on Wall Street. Once Bill signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), within a few years, the Midwest became the Rust Belt. Union membership has declined with Right-to-Work laws sealing their fate.

We’ve documented for years on Muncie Voice about the GOP serving two masters: 1) Koch brothers; and 2) “Blue Blood” establishment industrialists. It doesn’t take a genius to look closely at Muncie, or Middletown USA, to see how this plays out in our local politics. More on this in coming articles…

The problem is both parties represent a smaller and smaller percentage of registered voters. If you look across the country at “open primaries”, where all voters can pick a republican or democratic ticket, and then cast ballots, Bernie Sanders has dominated. He’s also dominated with young people – the numbers are staggeringly in favor of the Jewish democratic socialist from Vermont. Why?

He’s an honest politician who has fought the oligarchy within the United States his whole life. He’s been on the right side of history his entire political career. Always fighting for the people against oppression. Trust me, the younger generation has access to news from across the world which don’t have establishment filters like the phony propaganda coming in newspaper and television forms.

Indiana’s primary is relevant this year, so we expect a big turnout. The outcome will be interesting to analyze. Muncie’s voting numbers will be even more interesting to analyze. We expect Trump and Sanders motivating the disenfranchised populists to the polls to vote against a rigged political and economic system.¬†Also, will ‘Middletown USA’ give us a glimpse of the final outcome in this year’s primary? Who will show up in large numbers – republicans or democrats? Will we be the crystal ball giving the world a glimpse of November?

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