Governor Mike Pence Has a New Motto – “Never Give Up”

Mike Pence Had Fallen Into A Political Abyss, Then Suddenly…

Muncie, Indiana NEWS – Has anybody been watching the Republican Convention in Cleveland? It’s been a special time in Ohio. Although the hosting governor, John Kasich, refuses to attend his own convention where he lives and governs. Meanwhile, our governor, Mike Pence was there saving the day. That might tell you that something very strange is taking place in America. Anyway, if you didn’t know, John was offered the Veep position by Donald Trump, but he turned it down. And, based on Donald Jr.’s comments today, we now know the Veep under Trump will have substantial governing powers –  powers which might become Mike Pence’s in January, 2017.

Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence wanted so desperately to run for president along with the several hundred candidates in 2016, but just didn’t have a positive brand after the major RFRA failing unfolding on a national stage. We felt bad for Mike because his political aspirations seemed to vanish overnight after this brief interview with George Stephanopoulos:

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Yes, it was over for Mike. His own party in Indiana disowned him. The business community spit on him as millions were lost overnight as event planners across the country cancelled their conventions in Indianapolis. CEO’s across the country shamed Mike and Indiana. A fellow governor flat-out called Mike a, “bigot”. Mike’s reelection had even kicked in and he was trailing in the polls. All was seemingly lost.

Yet, lucky for Mike, no other reputable republicans wanted to commit political suicide by running as Donald Trump’s right hand man, so he got the call. I guess Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie were upset over the choice, but they’ll both be receiving high level appointments in the Trump, or Pence presidency. As we learned today, a President Donald Trump will be busy rebranding the USA, so Mike will be running the country.

According to a Mother Jones article,

“When Kasich’s adviser asked how this would be the case, Donald Jr. explained that his father’s vice president would be in charge of domestic and foreign policy. Then what, the adviser asked, would Trump be in charge of?

“Making America great again” was the casual reply.

Yes folks, Governor Mike Pence went from a laughing-stock to what could be the most powerful position in the world within one-years time. Let that sink in for a moment. Maybe there is something mystical about Mike’s unshakable Christian faith.

After his bungling education policy with Glenda Ritz, killing healthcare for the poor, stopping pre-K education for thousands of kids, being sued by case workers, facing a drug epidemic, having a bridge collapse on Interstate 65, to costing hundreds of millions in convention losses due to RFRA and poor treatment of women, Mike Pence was handed a career salvaging gift by a Fascist presidential candidate.

“Fire Mike Pence” signs were popping up in yards all over Indiana. Mike barely defeated democrat John Gregg four years ago and was facing almost certain defeat in his bid for reelection. During the May primary, under the encouragement of the Koch brothers, Mike timidly endorsed the Tea Party darling, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas. Ted held hands with Carly Fiorina (except for when she was falling off a stage) and spent his entire campaign nest egg on ads to defeat Trump. Ted even cashed in with the endorsement of Mike Pence. He and Carly lost badly…collected all his toys and went back to Texas.

Apparently, Ted’s ego is still a little bruised over the ordeal as he refused to endorse the Trump/Pence ticket last night causing him to get booed while on stage at the Republican Convention. The New York Times has a great video of day 3:

Well Hoosiers, even if you find yourself being called a bigot and loser, never give up your faith. You can be despised by many people in Indiana, and women can name a Facebook page about their periods after you, but your life can still turn around. You can look like a complete idiot on national television one day, and called a savior another day. It just goes to show you…no matter how bad things look, be like Mike Pence and never, ever, ever, give up. Never.

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