5 Tech Essentials for Your Home Business

Must Have Tech Products for Your Home Business

Muncie, IN NEWS – Just because you’re running your small business out of your home doesn’t mean that your business needs are any different from a brick-and-mortar style company. These are the tech essentials you need for your home office to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Security System

Most brick-and-mortar stores have a security system in place to ensure that the company is protected. Why should you home business be any different? With HD security systems, you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious business assets are protected. With high-resolution and even night vision features, today’s home security cameras are more advanced and easier to install than ever before. Many of these systems are compatible with tablets or smartphones, so you can check in on your home while you’re away.


Most printers on the market today are general use machines. This means that nearly all printers are meant for printing documents, photos and graphics. There are also special-purpose printers available as well. But for most small business owners who run their company out of their home office, an all-purpose printer will do the job. The tech experts from PCMag ranked the Brother HL-L5200DW laser printer as one of the best printers of 2016. You can rest assured all of your printing needs will be met with a machine like this one.


With the best display available and seemingly unlimited storage, you can bring your big business ideas to life with a desktop computer like Apple’s iMac. The incredibly thin desktop computer offers a 21.5-inch or 27-inch retina 4K display, which makes images crystal clear. With a desktop like this, you can work on graphic design for your business or other big projects like video. This sleek computer will make a welcomed addition to any modern home office.

Paper Shredder

You don’t want your documents to get into the wrong hands. Business numbers and important personal data can be at risk if you’re simply recycling or throwing your papers away. It’s been reported that four percent of the American population falls victim to identity theft annually and 100,000 cases go unreported each year. Identity theft is considered America’s No.1 white collar crime. Instead, use a high-tech paper shredder to protect your identity. The experts from Best Reviews rated the Royal 1840MX paper shredder as one of the top sensitive document shredders of 2016, ranking value, size, volume, ease of use and security level.


You can take payments from customers almost anywhere with a payment system like Square. The tiny magstripe attachment can be plugged into a smartphone or tablet to process a card payment on the go or at home in your office. Square also offers accessories like the contactless + chip reader that allows customers to hold their phone over the device to make a payment as well as the stand, which makes for a more traditional point of sale. No small business owner should go without a piece of tech that makes transactions seamless.

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