2016 Presidential Election Was a Grand Production

Muncie, IN  – In the future, historians will look back on the 2016 presidential election and say, “That must have been one of the worst years to be an American.”, or “The 2016 presidential election was the beginning of the end for American democracy.” Actually, there are many people nationally already saying it for historians. It’s what I’ve done here at Muncie Voice. It’s what Gary Younge with the Guardian has been capturing while writing in Muncie – he’s using the lens of “Middletown USA” to capture the mood and thoughts surrounding our presidential election. We’ve all been capturing a rage or frustration from voters, but most of them aren’t fully aware of why they’re upset.

Speaking of, Gary’s latest article touches on this rage. Lots of great comments from local citizens, young and old alike. Rage is real, but the cause of the rage is tricky…everybody has different fears and concerns. Cornelius Dollison says:

“Look at our elections. We look like we’re going back to 1930s. It’s really crazy that we think we can bring our country together with people who are so divisive. We have systemic hatred people just want to ignore, but this election has brought that out. We have to address those problems … Muncie is getting better, but we as a country have a long way to go.”

I’m not really sure what the future will hold, but based on investigations now underway, whoever gets elected will most likely see impeachment hearings beginning almost immediately. If you simply project out what is currently rearing its ugly head, it’s unavoidable. Neither side will accept who voters choose because “the lesser of two evils”, is still evil. In this case, evil means candidates who have serious legal baggage with a tsunami of negative consequences. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be a disaster for America and our media is responsible for the outcome. Maybe the five media conglomerates think impeachment hearings will be great for ratings.

You can also foresee, that no matter which candidate is elected, nothing will change for our country. Those fears, concerns and frustrations, will only mount, resulting in more rage. Then what? Hillary will say, “Calm down, all is well.” Donald will say, “Everyone should be mad, these corrupt politicians won’t let me do anything.”

Meanwhile, life in Middletown will get harder. The victims will continue being blamed for their plight. The poor will get poorer. And more people will be looking to escape.

Neal Gabler adds a very cool twist to the saga called #EmailGate or the Clinton email scandal. He also takes a good punch at our Fourth Estate – our news agency – the press. Neal writes:

“It is impossible to count the myriad ways in which the media botched FBI Director James Comey’s Friday announcement that the agency had found a cache of emails that seemingly (a key word) pertain to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server. I heard the news via CNN at an airport while waiting to board a plane. No one needs to be told that CNN is a journalistic disgrace — a textbook case of the decline of American media, all the more depressing because, unlike Fox News and MSNBC, it purports to be a real news organization. Instead, it is a ratings machine, and it is beyond contemptible.”

Neal’s assessment is pretty good about the FBI being more of a right-wing affiliation trying to bring down the Clinton’s, but he ignores the left-winged Justice Department who has run interference in other investigations, and couldn’t jail one single corrupt bank executive. Not one. Not even from Wells Fargo or HSBC.

As quickly as Hillary Clinton was under investigation, she was exonerated yesterday by FBI Director, James Comey. The democrats want him fired. The republicans want him fired.

Beneath the classified email story lies the real story – the emails are a treasure trove of documentation outlining how Hillary Clinton used her government position as Secretary of State to raise money for the Clinton Foundation and approve deals as the top diplomat in our country. Several federal departments have investigated those connections for over a year. When you combine those with the Podesta emails published on Wikileaks, you begin to see the picture of how things work within the Washington establishment.

Historians will find the 2016 presidential election very intriguing. They’ll see where our establishment owned media manipulated the outcome from beginning to end. They’ll be able to see how the Washington insiders orchestrated the strategy and how the media carried it out. They’ll see how Donald was used for ratings, and then abused like a useful idiot. The same media which produces Hollywood movies has produced the 2016 Presidential Election. The high ratings will show it.

Neal is correct that CNN has been a disgusting player in this whole sordid election, but it began long before the general election. As I’ve stated many times, the parent company of CNN is Time Warner, who happens to be a Top Five contributor to Hillary’s campaign. Maybe betting on Hillary was why they couldn’t mention U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders name during the democratic presidential primaries. Bernie sold out one stadium after another, but since the press wasn’t there – it didn’t happen. There was a complete media blackout.

Even MSNBC, the “voice of liberal America”, could hardly discuss Bernie, and when they did, they used the term, “democratic socialist” like it was related to the Zika virus. For those lefties who did watch it, were told his ideas had zero chance of getting implemented. In other words, don’t waste your vote on someone outside the corrupted system – vote for a corrupt insider – it’s the practical thing to do.

Neighbor against neighbor, everyone is worried about whose evil candidate will win. If this evil wins, major change will take place hurting all Americans. My fear is no matter who is elected, the temperature of our country will only get hotter. As more Americans protest the oppression they sense, our national police state will clamp down, only making matters worse. We the people have been rendered powerless.

I can still remember Obama’s uplifting acceptance speech in 2008 about, “Hope and Change”. It’s November 8th, 2016, and I’m still waiting. Who else remembers these words?:

Let us remember that, if this financial crisis taught us anything, it’s that we cannot have a thriving Wall Street while Main Street suffers.

In this country, we rise or fall as one nation, as one people. Let’s resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned our politics for so long.

As a quick reminder, Citibank chose Barack’s cabinet – all Wall Street insiders. They gave themselves a wonderful bail out package, and sent the bill to Main Street – Middletown. Many of Barack’s supporters are now shouting with Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again”. The establishment has placed their bets on Hillary Clinton under the slogan, “We’re Already Great”. Will either of them be allowed to change the corrupted system – the Washington establishment – the Oligarchy – the 1%?

In a few short hours, we’ll witness the grand finale of this Hollywood production. Then we begin chronicling the first 100 days from the perspective of we the people – Main Street – Middletown – the 99%.

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