Turkey Hints Closer Relations with Trump

By: Todd Smekens
February 9, 2017

I’ve been watching Turkey very closely the past several years primarily because it holds the key to our direction in Middle East policies. This particular article gives us a fresh perspective you will seldom get in the corporate media in the United States.

Our country has protected Fetullah Gulen since 1993 when former President Bill Clinton rescued the wanted terrorist. Since then, we’ve used this cultish-like figure to manipulate governments in the Middle East, specifically Turkey. Gulen is a protected intelligence asset living on a palatial estate in Pennsylvania, although this article in the Guardian refers to him as a preacher:

The Turkish government has also demanded the extradition of Fethullah Gülen, a reclusive preacher living in Pennsylvania whose movement is widely believed in Turkey to have orchestrated a coup attempt last July that killed more than 200 people.

Gulen, backed by America, has tried twice in the last year to overthrow the government in Turkey. That alone should be enough to cause President Erdogan to have “icy relations” with Washington, but this article wrongly asserts:

After years of estrangement under Barack Obama over the White House’s refusal to forcefully remove Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad from power as well as Washington’s support for Kurdish paramilitaries, Ankara is hoping to rebuild its relationship with the US.

Actually, the USA was trying to forcefully remove al-Assad, but Russia decided to work with the Syrian president to fight ISIS and all other “rebel looking boots on the ground”. Our policy was to overthrow al-Assad, but Obama got embarrassed when Vladimir Putin stepped in to help Syria fight terrorism in its northern regions, which included American hired mercenaries buried inside ISIS and other rebel groups. Putin said, “We’ll take out anything which looks like a terrorist.”

Obama couldn’t tell Putin no because it would acknowledge to the world that we had boots on the ground mixed in with the rebels and ISIS. We succeeded in overthrowing the government of Ukraine and Libya but failed in Turkey and Syria.

This international blunder is most likely why Obama, the leader of the Democratic Party, used Russia as a scapegoat for the massive election defeat last November. Since the intelligence community is behind the government coups, they followed our president’s lead.

With our new president signaling cooperation over occupation, Trump is further strengthening his ties with Russia. This is sure to drive more rumors about Trump and Putin. In reality, it signals an end to our intelligence backed coups across the Middle East and Eastern Europe to assist with NATO/EU expansion. Quite simply, this is more bad news for EU members who are really struggling at the moment with a refugee crisis, terrorism, Brexit and anti-NATO, Donald Trump who has completely thrown the decades-old Cold War into a tailspin.

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