4 Facets of a Business That Should Be Updated Regularly

Muncie, Indiana BLOG – As a business owner, you are devoted to offering the best possible products and services combined with outstanding customer service. In order to meet these important goals, as well as keep your team as safe as possible, it is important to keep a checklist of tasks and items that should be updated on a regular basis. To keep your company running smoothly and being as current as possible in regards holidays and other seasonal demands, check out the following tips.

Update your website with fresh content

To keep your customers up to date on new products, sales and more, you should consistently update your business website. This is especially important if you offer seasonal items or have holiday-related sales and discounts you want your customers to be aware of. As SEO Site Checkup notes, adding fresh content to a site can also lead to higher rankings on Google, which in turn can lead to more customers finding your company during an online search. Go for quality rather than quantity with you updates; adding a weekly blog and posting sales and photos of your products in use by happy customers a couple of times a week is a great goal.

Replace old and worn out parts

If your business utilizes a lot of heavy machinery, you should have all of the equipment on a regular maintenance schedule. This will not only keep the equipment running in tip-top condition, it will also help to keep your valuable team of employees safe. A great example of this is sealants on machinery; regularly replace the o-rings on the equipment to prevent hot and/or toxic substances from leaking or spraying out. A reliable and affordable source for o-rings is Apple Rubber; they stock an impressive 7,000-plus sizes of o-rings, and they utilize a tooling process that allows them to add more sizes every day.

Spring for new software

You and your team might have gotten used to the ancient software that you use, but your customers are probably looking for something a lot better. As All Business notes, business software is something that should be updated regularly. For example, software that is up to date offers better security for your employees sensitive data including personal contact info, social security numbers and bank routing info for paychecks, as well as your customer’s data like credit card numbers that are kept on file. If your website is not mobile friendly, you might be losing out on potential sales from clients who use their smartphones and tablets to do business; investing in new software that runs across desktops, laptops and mobile devices, like solutions from LoginLogic, is a wise plan. Of course, once you update everything, you don’t want the software to become stagnant again over time; work regular software upgrades into your company’s budget so you can always have the fastest and best programs for your team and clients.

Your product line

In addition to the equipment and computer-related items that should be regularly updated, you might also consider shaking up and adding to your product line a bit. Take a close look at the numbers and what sells well versus the items that tend to sit in inventory for months on end, and adjust accordingly. Updating your products and services is especially important around the holidays, when customers might be looking for a certain themed item, or a special sale. Examples are bakeries and catering services that offer Christmas and Hanukkah baked goods, meals and more, and housekeeping companies that offer special packages on cleaning services around the holidays.

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