Trump’s Davos Speech – Delusion of USA’s Elite

Muncie, Indiana BLOG – Trump was given an international stage of the world’s elite to talk about how the United States can move the world toward globalization to benefit the masses, but all he could talk about was the economic power which can buy the world’s most enormous military power. China and Germany will take the lead on the global stage while President Trump moves toward a building a wall with industry policies focused on America first – more nationalism and isolationism.

If you work at USA’s largest employer (WalMart), you’re still living in poverty and qualify for government assistance. Our healthcare industry is falling behind all other industrial worlds. Canada now outranks us on the quality of healthcare provided universally to their citizens.

Americans are one major illness or broken bone away from bankruptcy or financial ruin. Bragging about the stock market is sad when you consider our gross income and wealth inequality. We haven’t seen anything like this class disparity since the Gilded Ages of 1920–30’s.

The recent tax cut was a gift to the donor class, nothing more. As for his quote regarding “unelected bureaucrats,” all I can do is laugh. When billionaires and corporations can funnel substantial cash into political coffers and spread that money across state lines, our elected politicians are nothing more than paper pushers for the ruling Oligarchy. We don’t have a democracy or a representative republic.

US citizens have come to expect no help from either corporate-owned political party. No matter who we cast ballots for, the working class slips further and further behind. When you consider the most popular politician in America is Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, you know times are changing. However, don’t expect the revolution to be televised.

To have a functioning democracy, we need a strong representative government and a free and independent press. We have neither of those because the Elite owns both.

We have an Oligarchy who writes laws to benefit themselves and hurts the working class. To protect their powers, they’re using their corporate high tech partners like Twitter, Facebook and Alphabet (Google) to censor independent journalists practicing true journalism by holding those in power accountable. ISPs will be able to use their newfound power with the ending of net neutrality. Censorship won’t work, and Facebook will begin losing its control and its profits.

Trump went to Davos to save face and spread more U.S. propaganda. The disparity between the 1% and everyone else has grown dramatically in his first year. All productivity gains by workers for decades have gone to CEOs, and institutional financial interests and his first significant piece of legislation was gifting the Donor Class. The evolution toward a Kleptocracy continues.

All the early reports floating around Davos were focused on “fears of nuclear war” and “global social unrest.” The global elite is feeling the pressure and seeking ways to level the playing field by shrinking income and wealth inequality which is fueling the global movements for real democracy and sharing profits of our natural resources and work productivity. The United States, led by a billionaire and reality TV host, suffers from many forms of denial and delusion.

Global leaders talk about opening their countries while the USA talks about isolationism and building walls, both physical and imaginary ones. The rest of the world is pushing toward progressivism while the USA brags about their economic power and military strength while our prison population leads the world.

The most popular politician, Senator Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist, isn’t a symbol of the U.S.A. – he’s more like a vision of where we need to be. Donald Trump is a perfect representation of the current United States. They couldn’t be more different. Quietly in the background of Davos and the Super Bowl, Senator Sanders issued an alarm – a warning I’ve been sharing for several years. You see in Davos; the Elite recognizes the global unrest for what it is – a threat to their existence, leadership and wealth. They seek ways to spread that wealth, so more people participate. The Elite in Washington is handling their fears differently – censorship of independent journalism, surveillance and militarizing the police across the country.

Senator Sanders wrote an excellent editorial last month in The Guardian titled, Let’s wrench power back from the billionairesHe wrote:

Taking on the greed of Wall Street, the power of gigantic multinational corporations and the influence of the global billionaire class is not only the moral thing to do – it is a strategic geopolitical imperative. Research by the United Nations development programme has shown that citizens’ perceptions of inequality, corruption and exclusion are among the most consistent predictors of whether communities will support rightwing extremism and violent groups. When people feel that the cards are stacked against them and see no way forward for legitimate recourse, they are more likely to turn to damaging solutions that only exacerbate the problem.

Recently on Twitter, Senator Sanders went one step further by pointing out the difference between democracy and authoritarianism and challenged Americans to stand up and get involved:

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