Election Day Predictions – 2018

Yes, I’m going out on a limb and making some wild predictions regarding the U.S. elections taking place tomorrow. Maybe even a couple of local predictions as well, but mostly national races.  The best news I can convey is tomorrow will be the last day we have to tolerate the Donnelly/Braun attacks ads. I only watch TV on Saturday’s for college football and it was horrendous. I really don’t know how anyone could handle the last month of daily television viewing.

First, let me preface my predictions with this analysis if you thought Trump couldn’t get any dumber or sickening, just wait until after the midterm election results tomorrow night. Remember, Donald is a narcissist of the worst kind. He knows exactly what he is doing by inciting violence and hatred across the country. He just doesn’t care!

If you paid real close attention, the shootings attributed to him meant nothing to him. He deflected these horrible events by blaming the media. He lacks self-awareness. When the nation sends him the message that we won’t tolerate his shit, he’s going to get much worse. Most people with a modicum of  self-awareness would take tomorrow’s election results as a lesson learned. They would take time off of work for reflection and search within themselves for the true meaning of what just happened.

Not Donald Trump or his pampered princelings. 

However, Donald Trump is NOT the only narcissist in U.S. politics. Let me remind you that Hillary Clinton has told east coast media that she’ll make a decision about running for president after the midterms. Once again, she and her inner circle completely ignored the resounding message two years ago by creating a blustery story of Russia, Russia, Russia.

As the story goes, with $40,000 in Facebook ads and a green light from Vladimir Putin, Russia sewed the seeds of discord within the USA causing Hillary to be defeated. Sadly, the DNC faithful believe this fairytale with all their blue soaked hearts.

Let’s Talk Local Politics

These are cult followers. The GOP with Fox News has their base of rabid followers as does the DNC. For that matter, so does the Delaware County Democratic Party and local GOP. How does our Mayor carry on running our city knowing the FBI is looking to nail him for corruption? How does the local Democratic Party continue on like nothing ever happened? Is a human’s ability to deny reality enough to look past the harm Dennis Tyler has caused his party and community. A friend told me during the Ball State Homecoming parade, “How can he smile and wave to the citizens he stole money from?”

How does the local GOP face the community when all their candidates  refused to attend community debates? How can they run a local election while ignoring the corruption within our GOP run state or what is happening with Trump on a national level. 

If it was a normal election cycle, I’d easily predict a Republican landslide in Delaware County. It still might happen but the straight ticket D voters might allow some of the Democratic candidates to win. The race for sheriff will be especially close and may go to Tony Skinner due to the corruption associated with Walnut Street Democrats.

I’d like to see the Independent Dave Ring do well tomorrow. Indiana doesn’t have the most sophisticated voters so we’ll see how they handle a candidate who is refusing to nestle up with either political party. 

One last note on the local politics. Dennis Tyler should have resigned and the chairman should have cleaned house making it as loud a break up as possible. Phil Nichols should have been banned from HQ’s along with all his fellow cronies. We’ll find out tomorrow how the voters feel about Dennis and Phil.

About the National Races

As for the political races across the country, the young people will push progressives over the top allowing the Democratic Party to win back Congress. There will be major upsets like we saw in New York. Bernie Sanders inspired a generation and the momentum will carry through the 2018 midterms and into 2020. And here comes the really YUGE but. 

The corporate run DNC with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will quickly get in front of the wave and claim it as a mandate over Trumpism and the corruption with the Russian influences. Blah, blah, blah.

I can guarantee it and they’ll get plenty of help from the corporate owned media outlets which have already plucked their propaganda lines for the stories they will concoct. It is imperative that the true left is co-opted as quickly as possible. The story emerging this past week about Wall Street tossing money to progressives hoping they’ll take it easy on the greediest Americans will not work because of the money flowing to progressives from the people who want Medicare expanded for all Americans and they want those on Wall Street to pay their fair share. 

The chasms already deepening and widening in America will get much deeper and much wider after tomorrow’s elections. This is one election of many coming that will become very heated because there is much at stake. The propaganda from the corporate owned media will be shoveled in loads on the American people. The purveyors of the status quo will try with all their might but it will not work. Climate change, healthcare, student loans, livable wages, inflation, etc., etc. must be addressed.

The GOP will come under serious heat and so will Trump. I anticipate a rampant dispersion of blame. It will become absurd as the narcissists and sociopaths unload on each other.

Meanwhile, the DNC will have their own problems because the momentum on the left won’t tolerate obstruction any longer. That has been Nancy’s game but she’ll be under so much pressure. They will probably through Hillary Clinton into the mix but if she thought losing the presidential in 2016 was painful, she will be rejected early in a democratic primary.

Okay, that’s enough of my crystal ball viewing for the 2018 Midterm predictions. You’ll want to be part of this election so vote!

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