Applauding Syria Withdrawal

Honesty and politics rarely go together. It doesn’t have to be that way, but Americans have been enculturated into believing liars and then acting disappointed when we later found out they lied to us. This is repeated ad infinitum. Case in point, withdrawing troops from Syria. Who honestly thought we were involved militarily in Syria to protect the Kurds? Not far from Syria we have sold billions of weapons to the Saudi’s so they can commit genocide in Yemen. Let me shout loudly from the rooftops–we are NOT humanitarians.

All of our Middle East excursions have been interventionism and subversive meaning our “leaders” had to lie about why we were involved. And then once on foreign soil, the resistance to us being there causes issues so we must “defend ourselves” from these attacks. Let me shout loudly from the rooftops–we weren’t invited into the country. Our presence is illegal according to international laws which we helped write but ignore without consequences.

Europe has been inundated by residents of the Middle East who’ve left a war zone to protect their families. Politicians call these people “casualties of war” or “collateral damage”, immigrants. These people are fleeing war zones created by the occupation of our U.S. military. Christians with guns aren’t welcome in the Middle East–imagine that.

Therefore, when our megalomaniac POTUS accidentally makes a good decision by withdrawing troops from Syria, we can still celebrate, right?

No chance. Our ridiculous international policy of creeping interventionism has become so common even the DNC endorsed media of CNN and MSNBC screams about an “illegal withdrawal” or “senseless policies”. Actually, those were the terms our Wall Street media should have been screaming when our POTUS’s put American men and women in harm’s way for no apparent good reason.

In reading a great article from Major Danny Sjursen this past week, there is nothing realistic about our media in this country. Don’t forget, the media is a vital part of the capitalistic economic system where 85% of all media is controlled by five very large entertainment complexes. They own Hollywood and our “news” so when watching the scripts unfold, please, please, please, keep this in mind.

I’ll close with Major Sjursen’s closing:

US strategy, especially military strategy, should be undergirded by realism, policy sobriety, and facts. And here’s the most relevant, if inconvenient, fact: Bashar al-Assad’s regime – backed by Iran and Russia – has already won the civil war. Nothing the US has done, can do, or is willing to try, will change that salient truth. The endgame in Syria – just as in Afghanistan someday soon – will be messy, uncomfortable, and optically unsettling. Syria will remain what it’s been for half-a-century, a minor “adversary’s” ally stably situated in the Russian and, to a lesser extent, Iranian camp. So it has been and so it shall remain. Assad’s Syria is eminently containable – as is Iran, for that matter – and presents no existential threat or vital interest to U.S. security.

Major Danny Sjursen, originally posted in

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