Indiana Ranks Poorly in US News’ Best States Report

Poor Governor Holcomb has been begging college students to stay in Indiana instead of packing their bags and heading elsewhere. As I pointed out yesterday, we rank #5 in drug using states and also #5 in CEO satisfaction. Not exactly two rankings which would attract a young worker to Indiana.

Now we have another poll – “U.S. News Overall Best States Rankings“. Not exactly a glimmer of excitement…anything but. We rank a lackluster 36th. It may explain why our Governor is speaking to deaf ears at graduation ceremonies. Our foundations spend millions studying why Indiana is so unattractive. I would take a small fraction to help them out.

Let’s look at the major reasons why…out of 51 states/districts, Indiana ranks:

  • 40th for Healthcare
  • 24th for Education
  • 28th for Economy
  • 37th for Infrastructure
  • 12th for Opportunity
  • 34th for Crime & Corrections

Anybody seeing anything jumping out which makes you say, “Let’s move to Indiana!”?

Me neither.

Our highest ranking, “Opportunity”, measures, “Poverty, housing affordability and equality for women, minorities, and people with disabilities.” In other words, the conservative legislature has created a Nanny State which is incredibly ironic.

As for rating 37th in Infrastructure, I would have guessed much worse, but being near the Bottom 10 for any of the measurements means our Governor needs to focus on improving our scores and less time making speeches.

For the record, the Top Three States were Washington, New Hampshire, and Minnesota. I won’t even bore you with the split or difference between Red vs Blue states because educated readers already grasp this pitiful but consistent truth.

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Todd Smekens

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