Monoliths: The Human Race is Asleep

Symbols-Meaning: The Universe Wants us to Wake Up

(To update this story, there have been over 200 sightings of monoliths across the globe and even a global tracker but as quickly as they appear, including the tracker website, they disappear or cease operations)

We now have the appearance of five monoliths across the world (four in the USA) and the discovery of the Great Isaiah Scrolls inside a cave in the Judean Desert. Considering these are biblical occurrences or spiritual references, I expected to find theological journalists seeking to uncover their biblical mysteries. I anticipated a pronouncement from our religious leaders. I expected scientists to be all over these occurrences to uncover their mysteries. Where are the alien hunters?

Not in 2020; not in this depressing, commercialized, overly materialized world full of yellow exploitative journalism/media that immediately dismiss the monoliths as publicity stunts or clever marketing campaigns. We are asleep as a human race, and our media keep reinforcing our coma with more drab and boring and meaningless drivel.

What is mind-boggling regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls discovery reveals the Bible is, in fact, the Word of God instead of men writing about God. That’s a significant find, but when a reality TV host runs the greatest country of all time, it’s just not significant. So what is he tweeting today?

I wonder if the great “religious leaders” of our times were doing their jobs would God send monoliths to get our attention – I think not. They are not even in agreement with each other regarding this divine creation manifesting over eons. Even though Buddha told the human race to stop clinging to old ideas, many religions predating Buddhism still consider themselves relevant.

What did Jesus teach us?

Do we resemble anything like Jesus?

Evangelical Christians tell their flock that Donald Trump is God’s chosen leader. Mike Pence confirms it. Really?

How gullible are you to believe that God has chosen Donald?

I started an experiment the other day on Facebook, posting a nice blue meme-like quote asking: “What makes our minds not believe what we see with our own eyes?

The blue color was chosen because of its relevance to the chakra system – the throat chakra is blue and represents truth. So many friends took a stab at it because it was fun to have a momentary distraction from our glum and boring life. An escape from reality because many find it dreadful. Do you want to know why there is so much addiction? Is it any wonder why we are all depressed and eating anxiety and anti-depression medication?

Let’s suppose you were this tiny white spark of energy, and God held you in his hands, saying, “I am sending you down to the glorious planet full of wonders and delight. I will give you the human form with senses so you can experience its wonder. I shall also give you a magnificent brain to help you make decisions and to advance my creation on this planet. Once your journey has ended, you will come back to Me. So spend your time wisely and do enjoy it.”

What would you say to that proposition?

I dare say that most decision-makers would nod to God and say thank you. You would be grateful for an opportunity to feel and play with other life forms. You could create a wondrous destination for yourself, your family, and for all future tiny white sparks of energy. You could do that with the help of other humans because you cannot do it alone. Because of your physical advancements and your brain, you could do many amazing things to enhance your years on this planet. With your brains, you could create a joyous experience and even enhance God’s creation.

Is this science fiction? No.

God did not send you here to live a boring, dreadful life of mostly work and little fun. When we utilize technology to enhance our productivity and limit our time working, we should have more leisure time to enjoy this planet and our time here. Do you think God put us here to work all day, every day, weekends, etc.? No.

God sent you here to experience the wonders of this planet because most of the other ones aren’t as wondrous. However, we’ve misused our time here. We have taken from others. We do not treat each other as equals. We deny others so we can keep it for ourselves. Does that sound like our Creator? We’ve not created a place where tiny white sparks of energy want to experience. Saying that we’ve “screwed things up” is an understatement.

The discovery of ancient scrolls and monoliths is God’s way of waking us up. He’s saying, “Listen, sparks of energy, I sent you to my wondrous planet to make the best of your time, but you’ve messed things up. You need to trust your eyes – I want you to snap out of it, now. You’ve fallen asleep, so to speak. You’ve created a dreadful existence on this planet, so I am having a hard time convincing tiny sparks of Me to visit you. You’re even destroying my creation.”

These signs from God are events meant to wake us up as tiny white sparks of energy because we have become attached to our physical bodies. We think we are our minds, our brains. We are not so. These are just tools for us to use. It’s always been this way, you see. Always.

So, wake up.

As a footnote, please notice that I have used Wikipedia as a reference for monoliths and scrolls. I will be using Wikileaks as the primary source of journalism because Julian Assange created a masterful vision for investigative journalism (a wiki-model). There are reasons for this which will become apparent later. In the meantime, wake up.

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