Gov. Cuomo Taking Heat from Impotent Democrats

Instead of Prosecuting Republican Insurrectionists and Conspirators, Democrats Take Aim at Andrew Cuomo

Those following a variety of media stories lately have witnessed a myriad of odd happenings. However, listening to the Democrats en masse go after the falling from grace Governor Andrew Cuomo for sexual harassment before any evidence has been collected takes the cake. Especially since the same democrats, some of whom were “scared for their lives” during the January 6th insurrection, have done nothing against all the insurrection conspirators. Throwing Trump under the bus for his speech might have been popular among fellow party loyalists, but it did nothing to get at the truth. It’s called a diversion but not everybody is biting.

Before I get torched by the militant feministas, if Andrew is found guilty of sexual harassment, I hope he gets the Weinstein treatment. If he committed fraud regarding the nursing home deaths, I hope his governorship is the last we see and hear of Andrew. However, I’m also suffering a little hangover from tossing former Senator Al Franken out of office during the #MeToo movement. Meanwhile, more heinous crimes are and have been ignored.

For instance, let’s talk about the failing of the most sophisticated and elaborate surveillance industry on earth — the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol. It reminds me of the 9/11 failure of the most expensive defense industry on earth who couldn’t prevent three concrete and steel buildings from being destroyed by two Saudi-flown aluminum jets.

I digress. The FBI is obtaining cell tower dumps and collecting phone calls and text messages from cellular providers via the NSA black sites based on multiple sources. They are piecing together what took place that day between the mob and insiders (republican and security officials).

We already know from the FBI’s Christopher Wray’s testimony in front of Congress, they did not have the intel to ward off the insurrection on 1/6. He is lying. How far will the lies continue?

The January 6th riot was planned well in advance. An NPR videojournalist who captured Trump’s rallies’ video as far back as October said the “patriots” were planning to stop the coup against President Trump. They knew the “deep state” wanted Trump gone, and any election showing Biden winning was stolen – a fraud.

Billionaires like Robert and Rebekah Mercer began funding Stop the Steal. The Koch ATM, Donors Trust, was also deployed to assist with the project, and so was Publix grocery store heiress Julie Jenkins Fancelli. All of them used their entitled white selves to fund the white supremacy groups assembling in Washington on 1/6, blocks away from the Capitol during the certification of Biden’s election win. If we believe the Trump-appointed Christopher Wray at the FBI, they had no intelligence about this assembly and the possibility of attacking the Capitol. As mentioned, Christopher is a terrible liar, as are all of our politicos in Washington.

Shall I point out the Israelis 8200 unit, which has created software sold worldwide that can actually detect uprisings and stop them before they start? Do you think the USA has access to this software and uses it regularly on its own people – specifically BLM and Antifa protests?

Also, what about the Southern Poverty Law Center, which works with the FBI to locate and track hate groups like the Oath Keepers in Washington? In fact, two of the Oath Keepers hired by Roger Stone traveled with him to Washington and then disappeared, yet when interviewed, Roger knew nothing. Another horrible liar.

While I feel sorry for the nursing home deaths and the ladies harassed by Cuomo, I am trying to wrap my head around why the Democratic Party is showing unity in telling him to resign because of his actions. Simultaneously, let the intelligence community, republican officials, and right-wing oligarchs off the hook. It’s much more than hypocrisy because they give the appearance that the whole insurrection was staged. This would mean they’ve been lying to the American people, and so has our media on the right and left.

I’ve already witnessed the Facebook algorithms squeeze Muncie Voice, and independent journalists who’ve held the US government accountable have been censored. As I’ve mentioned before, the US government has a 1st Amendment to deal with, but they can hand over names to Twitter, Facebook, and Google, who don’t have constitutional problems. The so-called animosity between politicians and social media is also a facade. As journalists and critical thinkers, it’s not what they say or what they do; it’s what they don’t say and don’t do that tells the whole story.

Think, think, think.

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Todd Smekens

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