Making Your Business More Covid-Friendly

The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for the vast majority of us. It’s been impossible to swerve the results of the virus and the social distancing and social isolation measures that have been put in place by the government to slow and minimize the spread of the virus. These measures have meant that we’ve had to change the way we go about day-to-day life. Instead of going to work, many of us have been working from home – waving goodbye to the commute and setting up home offices. If you have kids, chances are you’ve found yourself school them from home. Regarding travel and social activities, they’ve been out of the window for some time now. But as the vaccines for the virus are being rolled out across the world, things do seem to be getting back to normal. If you run a business, you can get back on track! This isn’t to say, however, that Covid is gone for good. You’re still going to have to implement Covid-safe measures in your place of work to ensure the health and wellbeing of your staff and customers. Here are just a few different things you should do before reopening!

Regularly Deep Clean the Premises

The first step that you need to implement when it comes to reopening your commercial premises is making sure that you carry out a thorough deep clean of the property. This will likely be necessary anyway, seeing as stores have been closed for so long. But it is also something that you should implement into your new working routine. Sure, every store cleaned before the pandemic. But you should also make sure to carry out steps that you might not usually have. This includes cleaning all areas of your store, from top to bottom. It would be best if you also considered anti-viral fogging. Not only will this ensure that your store is clean and Covid free for staff and customers, but it will also make sure that everyone feels safe and comfortable in your store too!

Encourage Contactless Payments

Sure, cash will always be legal tender. But where possible, you should encourage your customers to pay with contactless payment methods. As long as you have a touchless card reader, they’ll be able to pay without having to pass any items between themselves and your staff.

Provide Hand Sanitizer

Most stores are offering hand sanitizer at their entrance. However, it would help if you went above and beyond this. Also, offer hand sanitizer at different points around your store, especially near doors or other common touchpoints. This will help to prevent the spread of germs.

Use Social Distancing Floor Stickers

People can get distracted in stores and forget to distance themselves socially. This is where social distancing floor stickers can come in handy. Place them down in areas where people may queue.

These suggestions are simple to implement but can make all the difference in making your store Covid-safe upon its reopening. Hopefully, some of them will come in useful for you.

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