What are the Essential Items Needed in Your Storage Warehouse

If you have a small business and are looking to branch out with a storage warehouse this year, there are certain things you will need to prepare and have on hand. Today we want to talk to you about the essential elements you need in your inventory warehouse this year. 

From a pallet rack to forklift trucks, here are some of the things you should gather and add into your warehouse space for the safe and secure storage of materials. 


Warehouse workers must be able to identify items in boxes and pallets. Much of a warehouse worker’s job involves mapping out the warehouse where items pick them when an order is made easy. Therefore, you must invest in some labels and signs for each of the racks and aisles. This will allow picking and packing to be done quickly, as warehouse workers will know where every item in the warehouse is located.

Guard Rails and Safety Measures

Warehouse work is a high risk, and when people are climbing ladders to reach items high up on the shelves, there is always a fall risk. Make sure when building your warehouse space to use guard rails to help keep the workers safe. It would be best if you also considered other safety measures such as anti-slip tape on stairs and inclines, adding an extra layer of friction to the warehouse steps to ensure a lower risk of falling. 


PPE is one of the most important things you can bring to your warehouse workers, and it will protect them from the harsh environment of the warehouse. First of all, every warehouse worker should constantly wear a high vis jacket to ensure that they can be seen by anyone driving a forklift truck, to ensure that they don’t get hit or run over. Secondly, you need to provide warehouse workers with steel-toed boots if heavy objects falling or forklift trucks pass by. Finally, if your warehouse involves loud work being done, make sure to provide ear protection, and this will ensure your employees don’t damage their hearing. 

Time Clock Management

Whereas in office jobs, it might be a little more flexible when people come and go – for a warehouse, you must provide a physical time management system so that it is always known who is on-site. Of course, fire risk is a huge part of this, but also, due to the heavy machinery and items in the warehouse, it is so important to know who is in the warehouse at any one time for safety. 

First-Aid Kit

As we said, safety is a huge thing when working in a warehouse, and as such, you should have a fully fitted first-aid kit on hand at all times. A first-aid kit will typically consist of bandages, plasters, sterile spray or wipes, scissors, tape, burn pads, and safety pins.

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