Prioritizing the Planet – Six Ways Businesses Can Go Green

We are all increasingly aware that it is vital to act now to save and take care of our environment and planet. This isn’t just with homes and ourselves, but big corporations and businesses too. Another bonus with businesses going green is that it helps them stand out from the competition and makes them more attractive to potential vendors. No matter what, sustainable and green businesses are the future, so read on to find out how.

Community Solar for Small Businesses

A little-known community solar program for business is the perfect way to save both month and the environment! It is a great environmentally friendly business practice, whether companies are trying to meet emissions goals set forth intentionally, down the supply chain, or by local communities. 

According to, community solar is a relatively new concept. Still, to define it, it is an alternative to traditional utility electricity where participants get their electricity from a remote PV Solar Installation. Community solar is one of the easiest ways for small businesses to meet sustainability and emissions goals set forth internally or by the local city. There is no need to change daily operations.

Move to a Paperless Environment

Moving to a paperless environment is a great way to help businesses be more sustainable, and it is also a great way to keep any confidential information safe! Also, paper is an expensive and inefficient way to manage data, so using document management software such as the cloud is a great way to grant you access to your files instantly. Start with any filing cabinets; make a point of scanning those onto an electronic system.

Remote Workforce

The daily commute to and from an office contributes to carbon emissions, and the energy expenditure involved in keeping a workplace comfortable for employees quickly adds up. However, businesses can see a significant cut in utility costs and waste output in allowing either hybrid working or to complete work from the comfort of their home.

Green Policies

Upper management can implement policy changes to lessen the carbon footprint of a company. Such as encouraging employees to ride a bike or walk to work, to choose reusable water bottles over bottled water manages excessive waste. Reducing plastic use like banning plastic straws and plastic packaging is a great way to tackle plastics’ impact on the environment. In showing that they are aware of their effect, a business sets a positive example for workers. 

Energy Efficient Lighting

Smaller adjustments in lighting do not always require the service of a professional technician, depending on the scale of changes a company chooses to implement. For example, using more efficient LED modes instead of light bulbs in an office is relatively simple. Still, it can also help save businesses owners a large sum on energy expenses while drawing far less power to light the workspace. 

Recycling Electronics

Disposal of electronic equipment requires a different protocol than normal rubbish. E-waste contains toxins like mercury which harm the environment, necessitating a special collection system. Business owners can account for this issue by informing employees of the procedures they should take when discarding old or broken technology.

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