Keeping Bugs Out of Your Business with These 5 Easy Steps

Your office speaks volumes to clients and visitors who come around, and you don’t want an embarrassment from insects to your visitors. Your employees also should have a hygienic and conducive working environment, and keeping away bugs is not optional. It is mandatory.

Here are five ways to help you keep away bugs from your office

Maintain Cleanness

One way to ensure your office is bugs-free is by maintaining hygiene. You should thoroughly clean the office kitchen and pantries. Bugs like cockroaches like hiding under the tables, kitchen cabinets, and drawers; therefore, keeping food away and ensuring that everywhere is clean is essential. Ensure refrigerators and food warmers are also cleaned. Regular cleaning of the ceiling, walls, and window panes keeps spiders away.

Kitchen towels and mop heads should be cleaned and well dried after use because when you leave them dumpy, they attract fruit flies which is a nuisance in a business environment.

Seek Professional Service

Eliminating bugs without the assistance of professionals can be almost impossible because you may kill the insect and leave the eggs. Manufacturing exterminators have the experience to eliminate the pest because they know the proper control and elimination measures for every insect. 

Pesticides that work best on a given bug may not work on the other, and this is where professional expertise comes in handy. They also spray the walls and insect-prone areas with insecticide repellent to prevent future infestation of pests. In a business environment where you share space, you will need professional services to prevent the neighbors’ bugs from using a repellant spray.

Get Rid Of Stagnant Water.

Ensure that your office exterior is clean and there is no stagnant water that can act as a breeding place for mosquitoes larvae, fly maggots, dragonfly nymphs, and scorpions. Be sure to dispose of anything holding water and fill any potholes within the office compound to ensure there is no room for these insects that breed in stagnant water to thrive. As a result, your employees will have a good working environment hence increased sales

Garbage Disposal

The place that bugs thrive the most is in the garbage pins, especially if they stay for long before being disposed of. You need to work closely with garbage management systems in your area to find out how regularly they collect garbage. When purchasing trash pins, look for those with lids and use inner lining to ensure they are not exposed. This will bar insects and also smell, which may make your office unbearable.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Plants and flowers that enhance beauty and curb appeal may also attract pests and a breeding place. The good thing about this is that you can use natural remedies with the assistance of your landscaper. For instance, plants that can naturally repel pests like pepper and garlic paste with oil are natural insect repellents.


It would be best if you never allowed bugs to get anywhere near your business premise as it’s likely to cause you severe damages. Rats, for example, may destroy your paper documents. In addition, bugs print a negative image of your business.

Implementing the above tips is a sure way of keeping bugs away.

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