Take Your Work Out Of The Office

In the case of many jobs, there’s no need to work solely from one location anymore. By investing in the right technology, you can take your job wherever you want. In addition, getting out of the office and exploring new surroundings can be great for our mental health and enable us to be more physically active. Below are just a few tips for taking your work out of the office.

Invest in portable tech

If you want to be able to work on the go, you need portable tech. If you currently work from a desktop computer, you may want to consider buying a laptop or a tablet to give you more flexibility as to where you work. In addition, portable tech solutions are starting to become available in many other industries. For instance, in healthcare, portable ultrasound technology and portable ECG machines allow healthcare professionals to treat patients in their homes. Find out what types of portable tech exist within your industry.

Stay powered up

You need to be able to keep your portable technology powered up while on the go. Instead of having to hunt around for places with electrical sockets, consider buying yourself a decent portable power bank that you can plug your devices into. This could be a power bank that you charge up each night or a solar charger that can generate its own electricity (a possibility if most of your work is outside). You may also be able to use your car to charge up items. 

Keep connected

Having an internet connection wherever you go could also be important. While you can log on to public wi-fi in some places, there may be other places where wi-fi is hard to get. Consider investing in your own portable router so that you have an internet connection wherever you go. This could be a pay-as-you-go router or one that you pay for monthly. Some cars even have their own built-in wi-fi, which can be useful.

Use a VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to use public wi-fi anonymously. This can be useful for keeping your network secure when using public wi-fi, where your information could be easily accessible to cybercriminals. VPNs are cheap and easy to use – you can check out this guide to VPNs here

Use travel time productively

You may be able to use your time traveling between places productively. When taking public transport, you may be able to catch up on work tasks on your smartphone, such as replying to emails or doing online research. When driving between places, it may still be possible to take calls by linking your phone up to your car’s Bluetooth. Ensure that any work tasks aren’t too distracting – there may be some work calls that are better reserved for when you’re sitting somewhere with the right documents to hand.

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