Everything You Need To Know About Selling Business Merchandise

Business merch is a popular way of diversifying your income and opening up a new revenue stream.

A basic definition would be that merchandise is not your business’s main offering but something extra that people can purchase if they wish to support your company. Sports teams are a prime example of this; they sell things like hats, gloves, tops, mugs – pretty much anything you can think of as a way for fans to support the team. 

From a business perspective, merchandise can be highly beneficial. Below, we discuss what type of merch you can sell, how you can sell it, and why you should give this a go. 

What merchandise is sellable?

In all honesty, you can sell anything you can think of. The only advice is to stop and wonder what your customers are likely to buy from you. For example, are they likely to buy t-shirts with your brand logo and name on them? In some cases, yes, in others, no. But, things like branded lanyards, mugs, face masks, coasters, tote bags, etc., are all great options. Put, there are loads of things you can sell!

How do you sell your merch?

Selling your merch is easy; all you need is an online store. This can be set up very quickly and can even be part of your existing website. Of course, you need to think about how you’ll sell things regarding where you’ll get the products from. As you can see on, suppliers exist that can sell you blank clothing or other blank products that are free for you to customize. From here, you find somewhere that can customize them before getting all the stock and listing it on your site. Then, it’s a case of waiting for orders and shipping them when they come in. 

Also, many companies choose only to sell merch at trade shows, and that’s entirely up to you. However, it adds some exclusivity, and people at trade events are more likely to purchase something as a souvenir from the event. 

Why sell merch?

As mentioned in the introduction, it’s a way of diversifying your income streams. You’ve now got this merch store going on in the background while you carry on doing your normal job. It lets you generate passive income, which can be helpful if you have slow weeks or months at work. 

Selling merch also helps you generate more brand awareness as you get your logo and brand name out there when people use the merch. All it takes is one person to carry a branded bag with them, drawing the attention of onlookers that see your logo and brand, Google it, and suddenly become customers. It’s such an easy way to generate free publicity!

Building on that last point, the main question is, why wouldn’t you want to sell merch? It is clearly very beneficial, and this is something that many businesses should consider to make more money and advertise their business.

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