3 Things to Reflect on in Order to Live Your Best Life

Questions to stimulate self-reflection

Everyone wants to live their best life, achieve their full potential, and ultimately feel like they are doing things the right way instead of squandering time and opportunities and being misled.

When we get caught up in the routines and concerns of everyday life, though, we can all too easily lose the sense of perspective that is so essential for us to stay on track and live our best lives.

Maybe you’ve been meaning to start your own business and have been researching conference room furniture for a while but haven’t yet actually got around to taking action on anything.

Or, maybe you feel as though you’ve stagnated or fallen into bad habits in general.

If so, here are a few things to ask yourself to stimulate self-reflection to be better able to live your best life.

Is what you’re doing right now helping to forge the kind of legacy you want to leave behind?

No one wants to think that their life is finite, but it’s important to be aware that none of us have an unlimited amount of time at our disposal.

Considering that there’s a limited amount of things that anyone can achieve, it’s crucial to be aware of just what you’re choosing to dedicate your time and energy to and to ask whether or not your actions in the here and now are helping to forge the kind of legacy that you want to leave behind, or not.

There’s some real benefit in viewing your life as a story that you are in the process of writing. So, the question is: is the story you’re currently writing the one you want to write?

Are you being held back by incorrect assumptions and past disappointments?

In life, we all develop certain assumptions and mental maps about the world at large that ultimately shape our outlooks on things and influence how we interact with our surroundings.

The thing is, these models of the world that we carry around with us are often deeply flawed and end up being put together at stressful times in our lives — only to then never again be revisited.

It would be best always to consider that your idea of the “impossible” today might not accurately reflect reality. 

Have you lost momentum or zest for life by being too passive?

Very few well-adjusted people seek out or desire conflict in everyday life. Still, all too often, this reasonable desire to “just get along” can end up as a tendency to go with the flow and to not be your own advocate or pursue anything that you value in life.

Instead of coasting, it’s necessary to actually get in touch with what you find meaningful and want to achieve in life, and then go after those things — while at the same time realizing that you’re not doing anything wrong by having preferences and goals.

Unfortunately, when we don’t steer the course of our own lives, our lives typically end up being steered by other people who may not have the best of intentions for us.
Don’t waste your potential; be proactive in your own life.

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Todd Smekens

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