6 Ways To Increase Retail Store Walk-Ins

Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors and Experiment with Several Practices

It’s not enough to just open a retail store, you’ve got to entice people to come inside. How can you do this? It can be tough in the age of online shopping, but here are a few tips to help you out.

1 . Make an impression

If you’re looking to increase walk-ins to your retail store you’ll have to create an impression. Ensure that you stand out with a bright and colorful storefront. Use visual merchandising tactics to take customers on a journey. Focus on making your store ‘Instagrammable’. Customers should feel wowed by the decor, (and want to take lots of snaps for their socials)!

2. Loyalty schemes

To get customers into your store consider running loyalty schemes. You can reward returning customers with special discounts or store benefits. Over time, loyalty schemes can help you to establish trust and encourage repeat buyers. There are plenty of loyalty scheme benefits, including:

  • You can retain customers, plus draw in new customers.
  • Loyalty schemes can help you to develop better relationships with your consumers.
  • Such programs can help you to drive sales.

3. Host in-store events 

Hosting in-store events is the perfect way to increase retail store walk-ins. When you offer an event you’re providing your customers with much more than a product. Events can offer customers a memorable experience. You can use events to entertain your audience or to teach them something. Events can help you to present your brand story and provide extra value. Hosting live events has many benefits including:

  • You get the chance to market yourself in person.
  • Can be used to support your social media campaigns.
  • Events are a great way to generate leads and get contact details.
  • Drive sales, (including impulse buys).
  • Certain events can be great for networking.

4. Collaborate with other stores

To get more people to visit your store you might consider collaborating with other stores. When you join forces with another store you can promote each other, and reach new audiences. Considering offering a joint loyalty program for a limited time only. Offer discounts for customers of your partner store, (or vice versa). During tough times local businesses can benefit from working together!

5. Boost your marketing

Marketing is the key to getting more customers into your store. When done right, marketing techniques can drive your success and set you apart from your competitors. For a few handy tips on improving your marketing strategies, consider these:

  • Host webinars about topics in your niche.
  • Choose talented micro influencers to promote your products.
  • Create unique blog content that helps you to stand out.
  • Consider a company podcast to entertain your audience.

6. A comfortable space

Lastly, don’t skip on the smaller details if you want to get customers in your store. Create cozy spots to chill, use fun pop-up booths, and design ‘selfie spots’. Use an aircon system to maintain a good temperature (this is especially important during the summer months)! If you need a quality air conditioning service, contact MTA.

Using these six easy tips you’ll drive more traffic into your retail store. With plenty of stores competing for customers, it’s essential that you make your store stand out!

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