Heroin: Is The USA Prepared for the Coming Wave of Opiate Addiction Withdrawal Cases

Roughly 93% of World Opium Production Comes from Afghanistan

I will place a chart below to show the global production of heroin, but there are official channels to get information and then the truthful ones. As always, I will be sharing with you the truth, which you will not find on any US media channels.

Those following the Sackler family and Purdue Pharmaceutical, the company’s owners that produced Oxycontin, and flooded the USA with opiates knowing how addictive they were, are getting sued by the Feds. Oxycontin was flooded in various markets throughout the USA, but the pills were expensive, so many people transitioned into heroin, another opiate. It was cheaper and more readily available in the black market. Well, that just came to an end when the USA surrendered Afghanistan back to the Taliban.

In 2001, when the Taliban controlled Afghanistan, the production of opium was minimal because they told the Northern War Lords there would be no production. Well, I’m not going to say the main reason we attacked Afghanistan was to gain access to opium, but I am saying that once we controlled the country, the production resumed and even increased. Check it out:

heroin production

The chart came from a BBC article that didn’t really say anything because they couldn’t. But the chart tells you all you need to know about the US Government’s war against drugs. So, yes, it’s a fraud.

Is the CIA a Major Drug Supplier

After the Viet Nam War, we learned that the CIA had been smuggling drugs out of SouthCentral Asia through the Golden Triangle by using Air America plane flights. Books have been written and movies made about their clandestine operations.

I am sure Hollywood scriptwriters are already working on a project for the Afghanistan operations. However, if you want to go in-depth on Afghanistan rolling up into the hands of Russia and China, head over to the GrayZone; they have some great stuff with journalist Pepe Escobar.

Other than Pepe saying the CIA is upset with the Trump/Biden decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, my main point is now the Taliban controls the opium trade. And, in their first press conference, they said, “No more opium production.” So what is going to happen with all the addicts hooked on heroin in the USA, Europe, China, and Russia?

OxyContin is inaccessible, and now heroin will become extremely expensive because the main producer of the drug is stopping production. But, forget about prices soaring — the main problem will be lack of supply. Supposedly, the DEA says the USA gets all its heroin from Mexico, but who can believe the DEA?

Is the USA Ready for Withdrawing Opiate Addicts

Based on the departure fiasco in Afghanistan, I seriously doubt if the USA is ready or prepared for what will happen if we follow the logical conclusion when the top producer of a major highly addictive drug leaves the market. Those dependent on the drug won’t have access unless China or Russia decide to pick up where the CIA left off. Pepe didn’t seem like that was a likely scenario. It’s a religious principle for the Taliban, so I don’t see it happening either.

The bottom line is will the USA be able to provide enough methadone clinics, or whatever the current opioid treatment exists to treat what could be a huge wave of drug addicts coming off of heroin at the same time? We’ll also learn if Mexico is our biggest supplier or not. And during a pandemic.

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