Five Tips To Grow Your Online Store

As technology advances exponentially, most retail stores are shifting operations from traditional in-store trading to online platforms. This transition is not always easy, and you may be wondering how to go about it. Below are five tips to help you ease the transition and make your online business grow.

Create an Attractive Brochure

This brochure should include information on what services you are offering and products you have in your store. Using an exciting and well-detailed brochure layout will make your business stand out. It is essential to know the structure well since some clients can be petty, and a slight mistake on the brochure can turn them away. Additionally, this brochure could help in advertising your work to more.

Therefore, before you start selling your product online, ensure that you have an enticing and detailed flyer with the services in-store with just one read.

Take Quality Pictures Of The Items In The Store

Most customers are very keen and can differentiate real pictures from downloaded ones. A stock photo may raise doubts in potential clients whether you have the item you are selling online in your store or not. Using actual images plays a significant role in clearing most of the doubt away and gives your product credibility when you market on social media. In sum, invest in a good phone or camera and lighting to ensure you get good quality and beautiful shots of your products to improve credibility.

Be Friendly to the Inquiring Customers

If you have been in business, you know some clients ask for prices, yet they don’t make purchases, at least not immediately. However, there are chances that they will come back at a later date to make a purchase. Therefore, whatever you do, or whatever mood you are in, try as much as possible to be nice to them and answer their questions as exhaustively as you can. Being friendly goes a long way as you may not know who they will tell about your business later.

Give Quality Services As Illustrated on Your Page

A happy client is the best advertisement. When you get an order, ensure that you deliver the products as presented on your online platform. Also, aside from using an appealing product package, consider leaving a thank you card or note and ensure your product reaches the client on time. The client will be impressed with the services and may come back to purchase more. Additionally, they may tell their friends about you, and with that, you could get more clients. It’s a win-win situation, and everyone goes home satisfied.

Write Your Prices With the Item

No one will tell you this, but ‘dm for prices’ will make you lose potential clients. The clients will interpret that to mean that you have different prices for everyone, and you do not want your business to come off as price discriminatory. Always indicate your product prices on your online platform to increase your credibility and reduce confusion. 


Transitioning from a physical business to an online one is not easy. However, creating an attractive brochure, taking real quality pictures of items in-store, being friendly to inquiring customers, displaying prices openly, and providing quality services will help you make the transition smoother and attract more clients.

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